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SEND Review 2022

‘Technology for inclusion’ recommended by government for SEND and AP

The UK government has released its SEND Review for 2022.

Its proposal would ensure children and young people with special educational needs and disabilities (SEND), who may be in need of alternative provision (AP), receive the right support, in the right place, at the right time.

We were lucky enough to be invited to an event about the SEND Review, hosted by AP specialist Cath Kitchen of the Skylark Partnership Trust. During the discussion, the Department for Education presented the paper’s contents to local authority medical needs officers from across the country.

Using targeted, specialist support was one key recommendation we heard about, with the aim to improve individual attendance and engagement of SEND students in mainstream education, without the need to move to AP.

“Use of technology for inclusion” was specifically referenced here, meaning the paper supports our assertion that AV1 can be used to improve attendance and, in some cases, in place of an AP/SEND school placement.

This is the early intervention and proactive approach we encourage and see local education authorities embrace with their AV1 projects. A bank of AV1s (10–60, depending on size) means the LEA can provide specialist provisions “on call”, thus preventing the need for an AP place.

There are also cost savings when an AP/SEND place is not taken up; this report on the Department for Education’s project of 90 AV1s shows it can save an estimated £224,873 per pupil.

Many of the children who used AV1 as part of the project did not ever get referred to medical AP or hospital school for support and intervention... Longer term, schools and local authorities could save money by not using places in AP.

– Cath Kitchen, CEO at The Skylark Partnership Trust, APIF project lead and Chair of the National Association for Hospital Education

The SEND Review concludes with five core metrics to measure AP performance, with AV1 directly addressing the following 4 out of 5:

  • Improved attendance

  • Reintegration

  • Attainment with a focus on English and maths

  • Successful post-16 transition

A student completing one A level with us has now increased to two because of the access she is getting with the AV1.

– Amy Pope, Additional Learning Support Manager, Strode College

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