AV1 Academy

Welcome to the AV1 Academy

These guides and resources are designed to equip AV1 administrators with the knowledge and tools they need to guide school assistants through the initial setup and usage of our product. The AV1 Academy serves as your comprehensive guide to mastering the onboarding process and maximising the impact with your AV1s.

Individual resources by category

Our resources are available to view in the AV1 Academy or can be downloaded and printed for use in the classroom.

Safeguarding and Privacy

Policies to ensure best practice, and information to reassure everyone involved.

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Technical set up

Downloadable resources taking you through each step to get AV1 up and running at your school.

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Draft Letters

Easy to use templates for you to adapt and get everyone ready to embrace AV1.

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Classroom Information

Become an AV1 superclassroom, with posters, lesson plans, colouring sheets and more.

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