AV1 is purpose-built to ensure privacy and security of students, their classmates, and teachers.

Committed to privacy and data security

The whole AV1 technology (classroom robot, AV1 app and AV1 Admin portal) are designed and built by our in-house team in Norway. No Isolation is ISO 27001 certified, and privacy and safeguarding features were built in from day one.

Illustration of two hands interacting with a tablet screen, entering a hidden code or pin number to access the AV1 robot livestream

No personal data is collected or recorded

No personal data is collected about the child using AV1 or other students in the class. It is not possible to take a screenshot or recording from the AV1 app. Encryption means no one can access the livestream between the student's device and AV1.

Certainty about who is connected, and when

It's not possible to connect more than one smartphone or tablet to AV1, and the student creates a secret log in code; this means there is never doubt about who is on the other end. They can only connect if the robot is switched on, and it is obvious when they do connect as the AV1 robot's head and eyes light up.

Illustrations of two students in a classroom interacting with an AV1 robot
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Our resources page provides you with template for letters, (to parents and teachers), a risk assessment and misuse policy. These forge an agreement between school and home about how AV1 must be used – for example parents/guardians are not allowed to see or listen to the video stream, or record using another device.

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