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AV1 helps municipalities and schools bring learning and belonging to all children. Our education technology – AV1 Robots, the AV1 App, AV1 Admin and AV1 Academy – work together to support your absent students back to the classroom.


Long-term absence from school has severe implications for children and young people and those in charge of their education.

It is the responsibility of municipalities to find suitable access to education for absent students, but they experience high demand on services, rising cases of school refusal, and budget constraints.

Schools are dedicated to supporting all students, but funding is stretched for alternative provision, low attendance is linked to poor attainment, and it can be difficult to reintegrate pupils after long absences.

For the students themselves, many want to engage with learning and their classmates. Anxiety around school attendance, or complex and chronic medical needs, may prevent regular in person lessons.

This is where AV1 comes in. We built AV1 robots for safe and secure classroom use from day one. Alongside our dedicated software and resources, AV1 helps you bring learning and belonging to all students.

Here are some of the recorded reasons for successful use of AV1 by municipalities and schools we work with.

AnxietyCerebral PalsyGastroschisisLong Covid
Autism spectrum conditionChronic fatigue / MEGifted studentsMuscular dystrophy
Autoimmune diseasesEmotionally based school avoidance (EBSA)ImmunodeficiencyPeriodic paralysis
BehaviourEhlers-Danlos syndromeInjurySpecial Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND)
CancerEpilepsyLearning difficultiesTransplants, surgery and operations
Example reasons for use

How AV1 Robots work

AV1 Robots are a telepresence solution for children and young people to access school and classroom settings from another location. It bridges the gap between home and school, provides access to learning, and improves attainment and progression.

Our classroom robots have a unique set of inclusive and secure features, giving the student a sense of belonging at school and the privacy and safeguarding they are entitled to. Head to the Safeguarding page for more privacy and safeguarding measures.

Live connection

A camera and microphone connect absent pupils who can speak, see and hear everything through the robot. The camera is one-way, which removes the pressure of being seen for children who are ill, anxious or in pain.


The robot is an avatar for the human it represents, so you can name it and customise it. You can carry it around with its handle or backpack to involve the student in all aspects of school life, or even on school trips. The physical presence means the student is not forgotten, even on days when they are too unwell to log on.


The student can rotate and move the robot, change the eye expressions, and 'raise their hand' by making the robot's head flash green. This means they can ask and answer questions, or show how they are feeling, without disrupting the lesson.


When a student is particularly unwell and unable to participate, but still wants to attend and listen to the lesson, they can turn the head light blue to indicate ‘passive mode’. For EBSA pupils, this can be helpful for early steps towards reintegration.

How the AV1 App works

The student downloads the free AV1 app onto their device; it is compatible with both Apple and Android devices (smartphones, tablets and some Chromebooks).

Students must then follow the onboarding process to register with their assigned robot for the first time. They generate a secret code during onboarding to connect with their robot whenever they want to start a livestream through it and join a lesson or activity; the robot just needs to be switched on.

From the app, they control their robot:

  1. A camera, microphone and speaker on the robots head emits a livestream to the app, with two-way audio.
  2. The student swipes or taps on the app screen to rotate the robot and their view from side to side, up and down.
  3. Tapping passive mode turns the robots head blue.
  4. Tapping 'raise hand' makes the robots head flash green.
  5. Tapping each emoji is reflected on the robots eyes.

How AV1 Admin works

AV1 Admin is a portal which works on any web browser. It is easy to use, and its features are guided by the needs of municipalities and schools. On top of this, you get usage statistics for your AV1 Robots to see the impact you create for your absent students.

There are two access levels in AV1 Admin, Administrators and School Assistants.

As an Administrator, you get a dashboard and detailed information about all the AV1 Robots owned by your organisation, as well as all the same access as School Assistants.

As a School Assistant, your access level ensures you can get the robot set up, tested and running smoothly at school.

How to use AV1 Academy

Included in your purchase and/or subscription to AV1 is also access to a library of training materials and resources to help manage effective and safe use of AV1 (for example draft letters, risk assessments and policies for use).

We also support you at every step of the way, with extensive set up guides, help pages, a dedicated account manager and technical support available during normal business hours.

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