Harris Church of England Academy

Accessing AV1s from all possible avenues, Harris set a great example of how schools can manage long-term absence

Harris Church of England Academy is a coeducational secondary school with academy status in Rugby, Warwickshire. The school has used 4 AV1s over the past year and a half to support pupils, for reasons ranging from Cancer to Periodic Paralysis.

Their first two AV1s were loaned through Warwickshire County Council and Great Ormond Street Hospital. The school has since gone on to rent and purchase AV1s from No Isolation directly.

We interviewed SENCO Lizette Hummell; click below to download and learn more about the school's experience.

The staff were amazed that the child could actually be in the classroom this way. We shared all the agreements for the student and family to sign and staff were informed that the student could not record or screenshot via the app.