GOSH Charity and Vodafone Foundation AV1 Impact Report

GOSH Charity and Vodafone Foundation: AV1 Impact Report

September 2021 marked the end of a two-year long project with Great Ormond Street Hospital Charity, The Vodafone Foundation and No Isolation. Vodafone’s generous donation helped fund 20 AV1 robots to be used by patients at the Children’s Hospital School at Great Ormond Street Hospital (GOSH).

In a recent impact report, GOSH Charity reflect on the success of the project stating that:

The impact the AV1 robots have had on patients, teachers and their families, and the benefits this project has provided to children, can be measured by children feeling connected to their friends and a boost to their mental wellbeing.

– GOSH Charity

Whilst the project has now come to an end, GOSH will continue to use their 20 AV1s to supplement the teaching at the schoolroom and support the mental wellbeing of their patients at hospital and at home.

We will always be grateful to Vodafone for the arrival of these robots at the hospital at a crucial moment in history, enabling us to embed this in our practice as a school.

– Jayne Franklin, Headteacher at GOSH School

No Isolation look forward to the new academic year, as we continue to support GOSH with their pioneering work with AV1.

Download full impact report here.