AV1 privacy and resources

Diagram to show AV1 privacy features

In the classroom, the safety of the students is the most important thing. In order for AV1 users, students and teachers to get the most out of AV1, it is crucial that everyone uses it safely.

Diagram to show AV1 can only connect to one device so has only one user

One user

Only one child or young adult can use AV1 at a time. The user creates a password to log on to AV1 and confirms that only they know the password. Co-founder of No Isolation, Matias Doyle, explains:

“It is extremely important that every person who has an AV1 in their classroom is sure of who the user on the other side is. There should never be any doubt of who is connected to the robot. Therefore, the child or young adult must enter the password every time they log on to AV1.”

In addition, the student's parents/guardians are required to sign a contract and confirm that only the child/young adult will be using the AV1. If a parent/guardian logs on to AV1, it’s a breach of contract.

Only real-time

AV1 can only be used in real-time, and it is not possible to record or save any data. All streamed data is thoroughly encrypted, and it is impossible for any external party to access the video/audio sent through a closed tunnel between the robot and their tablet/phone.

To participate and interact, the user has to be present either in front of the robot or front of the tablet/phone.

Nothing is stored

All data is sent encrypted between No Isolation’s servers. Consequently, neither No Isolation or anyone else can access the video and audio sent between the child and the robot.

Not even the child or young adult can store video or audio from AV1. If they are connected to AV1 from an Android device and tries to record or take a screenshot, they will not be able to. Notably, if the user is connected to AV1 from an iOS device and try to record or take a screenshot, both the user and No Isolation receive a notification. If it happens just once more, No Isolation will deactivate the robot. In addition, if the child tries to connect AV1 to a TV screen, the screen will turn black.


We have a variety of useful resources, such as letter templates to inform all parties involved, lessons plans, and advice on how to get the most out of AV1 for the student, classmates and teachers.

Depending on your needs, we can provide services that quickly lets you scale and manage your all your AV1s in use. As needs differ, we provide flexible solutions for both families, the public sector and organisations.