We are excited to share that we are launching some improvements to the AV1 Admin portal. A new process for allocating robots to schools will be both easier and more intuitive for you and your team.

Crucially, this process is also the basis from which we'll build more impact reporting in the near future. With better data collection (at no compromise to any student or teacher privacy), we can provide more detailed numbers around your allocations, usage and impact.

You may not notice this change immediately, but we'll be rolling it out over the next week.

Why are we doing this?

We have built this process in response to requests for impact data in AV1 Admin, and the need for allocations to be more user-friendly and intuitive.

What's changing now?

When you log in to AV1 Admin you’ll see two new buttons at the top of the main page:

  • Start new allocation
  • End an allocation

These are only visible to users of the portal at Administrator level, and only take a few clicks to complete.

Watch the short screen recording (no sound) below which takes you through the simple steps for starting a new allocation.

Watch the next short screen recording (no sound) to see how to end an allocation:

Access to streaming data for all your ongoing allocations is also new. See example screenshot below for how this will look.

Both Administrators and School Assistants will have access to this view. You will not be able to see any usage data for your historic or previous allocations, yet.

Also, onboarding emails will now be sent automatically to the School Assistant when you allocate a robot to them. These emails include:

  • Information about AV1
  • Technical setup and network requirements
  • How to get started with AV1 Admin
  • Tips and best practices for how to prepare implementation in school and teach with AV1 in the classroom

These emails are intended to get schools using AV1 successfully from the start of their allocation. We will evolve and improve these over time by monitoring their use and listening to feedback from schools.

What's coming later?

Exciting improvements to school resources: alongside the new onboarding emails, we've overhauled our resources for schools and administrators and we're really excited to reveal the results. Stay tuned for more details very soon!

More impact data: once we have launched this phase of improvements, we will be working to bring you new data and analytics features to give you better access to your AV1 allocation history.

It will give you even more insight into your robot usage, allocation patterns and enhanced capabilities to report on the impact of your AV1 allocations. These are all intended to help you to make more informed decisions about your future allocations. We expect to launch this feature later in 2024.