AV1 for students

Make the most of your AV1

For days, you can't be at school, AV1 helps you join lessons and see your friends from home or hospital. When you feel up to it, you just open the AV1 app, create a code that only you know and hit 'Connect' - then you can see and hear everything through your AV1 robot (you can even name and decorate it if you like).

Over 2,500 students use AV1 all across Europe to join primary school all the way up to university.

If you're here because you've just started using AV1, head to the 'Getting started' page. This will tell you everything you need to know to log on and join a lesson through AV1 for the first time.


Screenshots are forbidden

Recording or screenshots are not allowed. If attempted, depending on the type of mobile device, the stream will automatically terminate. No Isolation will then receive a notification and reserve the right deactivate the AV1.

How to unblock your AV1

You or your school will need to contact No Isolation support to get the AV1 unblocked. Please provide the AV1 serial number and name of the school so we can identify and unblock it as quickly as possible. The school will then be notified that the AV1 has been unblocked.

You can generate new keywords from the Admin Portal. Keywords can only be used one time. If you need a new keyword, you need to contact our support team.

Please specify AV1’s serial number when contacting us. For safety reasons, we only send keywords to the registered AV1 customer or a contact person they have specified. We don’t send keywords via chat.

For privacy reasons, we kindly ask you to not mention the AV1 user’s name, health status or other personal information when contacting our support team.

If you get a message that the keyword doesn’t work, it is because it has been used before, you typed it incorrectly or your device is not connected to the internet. Double check that you typed it right. A keyword can only be used one time. This is to make sure that only one device is connected to AV1, and that the correct user gets access.

You may come across an issue with AV1 where you start a stream but the video feed does not work and the screen is black on the students' device, but the sound on the AV1 and mobile device still works.

To fix this issue, you will need to restart the AV1. You'll need to ask someone to turn the robot off, wait a few seconds, then turn back on. You should also restart the AV1 app on your device once the AV1 unit is restarted.

If the issue does not solve itself after restarting AV1, please get in touch with our support team who would be happy to help.