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The Norwegian Cancer Society is a nationwide organisation for voluntary efforts against cancer in Norway.

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Sunnaas Rehabilitation Hospital is Norway's largest specialized hospital in rehabilitation and physical medicine.

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St. Olavs hospital, Trondheim University Hospital, is one of the largest hospitals in Norway.

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The University of Oslo is a leading European university and Norway's largest.

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Be there

AV1 is the telepresence robot specifically developed for children and young adults with long-term illness.

With AV1, the child can participate in class, and maintain contact with their school friends from their home or hospital bed. AV1 is controlled by the child through an app.

Makayla holding a teddybear

This is the first time in 8 years that I’ve had hope with Makayla’s education. Hearing the lessons coming from her bedroom I could have cried. We don’t have a normal life, but Robbie has given her some normality.

Makayla’s Mum

Makayla and her AV1

Makayla was diagnosed with ME at the age of 8. Due to her condition, she is not able to attend school full time. “I get tired, so have to pace myself and am not able to see friends and family as much as would like to.” AV1 has helped take the pressure of Makayla and allowed her to partake in her education and social life again. Makayla’s Mum, Michelle, has also seen the way in which Robbie and No Isolation have helped improve the quality of Makayla’s life.

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Gutt i klasserommet med AV1

Many children experience loneliness when they are absent from school and separated from their friends for extended periods due to illness. Because of this, they may face challenges when returning to their everyday lives. The AV1 robot provides a solution to this problem.

Minister of Health and Care Services in Norway, Bent Høie

Eirik and his AV1

Eirik, nine, has cerebral palsy (CP) and three times a year he is absent from school, due to training which he undertakes for two to three weeks at a time. From his tablet, Eirik can see, hear, and talk to his classmates when he is at the training centre, and an added bonus is that Eirik's friends think the robot is really cool!

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Av1 Looking Blackboard

Participate on your own terms

AV1 is the student's eyes, ears, and voice in class on the days when they can't be physically present. The student signals that they want to speak by instructing the top of the AV1's head to blink. The robot turns 360 degrees so that they can see and speak to all of their classmates, should they want to. If they don’t feel like actively participating in class, they let their peers know by turning on the blue light on top of the AV1’s head.

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Av1 Communicating With a Boy in Group Work

Easier returning to school

It can be difficult returning to school after an absence due to sickness. AV1 provides a solution to this problem. By allowing the child or young adult to be present in class during periods of treatment, AV1 can make returning to school easier after prolonged periods of absence.

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Compressed 3 Girls Holding Av1 Outside Hugging Laughing Min

Safety first

The security of usage is No Isolation's highest priority. In order to get the most out of AV1, it is crucial that the user, their classmates, and teachers are aware of the purpose of the robot and can confidently use it. No data is stored. All data that travels between the device and AV1 is encrypted. Consequently, no outsiders can access the video and audio that is sent between the child and the robot.

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AV1 at Fjuken school

The robot gave Emma a new everyday life.

Mother of Emma (10)

Emma and her AV1

When Emma, 10, was diagnosed with acute kidney failure, her immune system was severely weakened, and she couldn’t start year five at school. However, Emma now follows classes on the screen of her mobile phone, through a robot standing on her desk in the classroom. With her finger, Emma controls the robot using an app. She can rotate the robot sideways, and up and down. Often her friends bring the robot outside during breaks so that Emma can see what is happening in the schoolyard too. Emma really likes that she can talk to her classmates during breaks.

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Seal Of Excellence

AV1 Project awarded the Seal of Excellence

We are proud to say we are granted The European Commission's Seal of Excellence Certificate.

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