AV1 Toolkit for Local Authorities

How to identify and recruit schools for your AV1 robots, and increase teacher confidence

AV1 has provided over 30 councils and 650 young people in the UK with not only secure, effective remote education, but also a social connection inside and outside of the classroom. Since AV1 was developed in 2015, feedback and research have demonstrated it can increase attendance and attainment, improve wellbeing, and support a smooth reintegration for students who are absent for reasons ranging from cancer to anxiety.

However, we are aware that introducing any new technology into a classroom invites questions. Based on frequently asked questions, this page provides local authorities with a toolkit of resources and support to easily recruit and increase confidence in your local schools.

Recruiting and identifying schools

One of the easiest ways to inform schools about your AV1 pilot or offering is to hold an information session. This is an opportunity for schools to see how AV1 works, what benefits it can have and to ask questions. Please get in touch with your contact at No Isolation if this is something you would like us to facilitate for you.

You can also promote AV1 to local schools and the wider community by including information on your website, in newsletters, social media or press items. Find the AV1 Marketing Kit for Local Authorities here to pass on to the relevant teams.

Following feedback from previous pilots and case studies we’ve received, we have created an Allocation Criteria Guide.

This guide explains the different factors, relating to both school and pupils, that are important to consider before beginning your pilot.

As a relatively new technology we feel It is important that AV1 is communicated to schools carefully as both a secure and manageable tool.

We recommend that you:

Increasing confidence

AV1 was designed with privacy and safeguarding in mind. However, it is common for schools to have initial questions regarding security and potential risks in a school setting.

We recommend that you

You can share any of the following resources with schools to improve confidence in AV1 and address reluctance