SR (Year 12 student)

SR (Year 12 student)

Accessing lessons through AV1 helped SR when chronic fatigue made walking around school difficult

This case study was collected from a school teacher by Sarah Dove, a Project Manager for the Department for Education's Alternative Provision Innovation Fund.

SR was a Year 12 pupil with CFS (Chronic Fatigue Syndrome). Due to her condition, she could only take a restricted amount of steps each day in order to manage her energy - this meant that moving around her school had become increasingly difficult. She was expected to return to school after sitting herGCSEs to begin A Levels, but it seemed highly unlikely that she was going to be able to.

However, with the introduction of the AV1 she was able to return to school to complete the A-Level choices she wanted to. She was given an allocated room in school to access her lessons via AV1, so she could save her energy for socialising with friends. When she was too ill to be at school she accessed lessons from home. Without AV1 she would not have been able to continue with education at this level, so the school and the family are thrilled with the opportunity the robot has offered her.

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