The robot that acts as a child's eyes, ears and voice in the classroom

Every classroom with an empty desk means there is a child at home falling behind. The pandemic has worsened this already existing problem, first addressed by the creation of AV1 in 2015. AV1 is unrivalled in its ability to maintain an absent child’s access to education and social interactions, paving the way for true inclusivity and blended learning.

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AV1 – the robot for children with long-term illness
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Participation on the children's terms

Via an AV1 ‘robot’, the child at home or in hospital can participate in their own classroom, with their own classmates, on their own terms. Through a secure app on their tablet or phone, the child logs into a livestream to see, hear and converse with their classmates and teacher as if they were really there.

Now in use by over 20 local authorities and 400 schools in the UK, AV1 is a tried and tested tool to improve not only a child’s education, but also their social lives and emotional wellbeing.

“[The child] was really included in the class and the kids were so sweet with her. I fell in love with the AV1 when I read about it and saw the videos. But this was even beyond what I had imagined. What a wonderful technology No Isolation has created.”

— Service provider using AV1

“The cost of using AV1 to access education is much cheaper than one-to-one teaching: the cost of a day’s education with AV1 is £8*, and with a teacher is a minimum of £250.”

— Cath Kitchen, Head of National Association for Hospital and Home Teachers

As if they were there

Being diagnosed with a long-term or chronic illness can have drastic effects on a child’s life. Missing school and time with their friends means the isolation can often be as damaging as the illness itself. AV1 was created to tackle the loneliness that illness can bring by helping children take part in school and social activities. Through a simple single button control in the app, a child can decide when to connect and disconnect from AV1.

If the child wishes to answer a question, they can raise their hand by pressing a button in the app and a white light will flash on the robot’s head.

AV1 can be put in whisper mode, so only the kids seated near to the robot will hear it. And if the child is not feeling up for school, he or she can signal that they want to be passive listeners, and a blue light will flash on the robot's head.

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AV1 is the telepresence robot that acts as the child’s eyes, ears and voice in the classroom.