AV1 in action

The current Coronavirus situation will likely have affected your plans for your AV1 project. With schools closed, you may think that AV1 will need to stay safe in a cupboard, also in isolation.

However, we have some ideas of how we, and AV1, can help.

Special Effect

Using AV1 outside of school

Even with schools closed, teaching through AV1 doesn’t have to stop. Perhaps there would be a teacher at school who would be happy to bring AV1 home and allow your user to connect to a lesson that way?

One of our charity partners, SpecialEffect, has been using AV1 ‘robots’ to keep children connected during isolation. Their ‘Bubblebusters’ project provides children with cancer an AV1, and sometimes these children are isolated for up to 12 months or more. The AV1 ‘robots’ have not only kept them connected with school but also, during these particularly difficult times, with families that have been temporarily separated. ‘’We aim to enhance the lives of many, many more children with cancer by providing a way to reconnect with their friends and education to bring an end to their isolation.‘’ explains Harry, SpecialEffect Technician. You can read more about their project and watch their stream explaining the scheme here.

For those schools still open, AV1 could join in with the activities, providing vital social contact for the child at home in isolation. AV1 could also be dropped at a friend or relative’s house so the child can speak to their friends and complete their schoolwork together.

Think creatively about how you can still use AV1, and we would love to hear your stories!

Decorated Av1

AV1 at Easter

It is Easter time! and we want to invite our AV1 users to send in their best Easter-themed AV1 pictures! Decorate our AV1 colouring sheet which can be downloaded here and send in photos of your entries. Tweet us at @_noisolation or send photos to london@noisolation.com and we will share our favourites on social media!

User Stories

We love hearing from our customers and partners about their AV1 user stories. During this period out of school, now would be a great time to capture some of your experiences. Has AV1 had a positive impact on one of your students? Has it provided them with an experience that would have been difficult for them to be part of otherwise?

User stories are a great way to share positive news to your supporters and funders, and could lead to you expanding your AV1 project.

Coming soon…

Staff training - throughout May we will be holding free staff training sessions online. This gives teachers the chance to log into an AV1 remotely, whilst we explain the different features of AV1 and outline the various privacy and safeguarding measures.

We want teachers and staff involved in AV1 projects to feel as comfortable as possible using AV1 when schools re-open.

We will follow up soon offering dates for sessions, but in the meantime, please speak to your interested schools offering them this opportunity.

Remember, when this isolation ends for most of us, it will continue for many children, and we want them to be able to restart with everyone else. They can do that with AV1.

Have a happy Easter, and stay safe!