AV1 Online Forum | 18th of May 2020

This meeting brings together councils currently using AV1, as well as those wishing to start, for cross-council, best practice learning.

About this Event

AV1 is a desktop robot used to securely live stream lessons back to children and young people, who are unable to attend school due to health needs.

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Application and impact for councils

AV1 is increasingly being used as part of local authorities’ education services, to increase the hours of education available, reduce costs, provide flexible access, as well as deliver a more inclusive, social learning experience.

Essex council

After a pilot, Essex County Council purchased AV1s, and begun to integrate them within their education services. During the forum they will present their experiences and advice for any other councils wishing to use the tool.

Somerset Council

Somerset County Council purchased 50 AV1s to integrate within their education services. During the online forum they will present their experiences and advice for any other councils wishing to use the tool.

About AV1

At the beginning of No Isolation's journey, it was learnt that social isolation was a big problem among children with medical needs, (whether they are in hospital or at home), so they developed the telepresence avatar, AV1.

AV1 acts as the ears, eyes and voice of a child in the classroom, or anywhere they wish to be, from a birthday party, to the football pitch

AV1 Forum Agenda

You will hear from Essex County Council on how they funded their AV1s, and what their school allocation model looks like. You will learn about teachers experiences with AV1, including what their initial queries were, and how to teach with AV1 in the classroom. The meeting will also address important topics such as data security, safeguarding in schools, and what processes councils must undertake to provide AV1 as part of your education service.

Department for Education

In 2018 , Hospital and Outreach Education were granted £522,142 through the Alternative Provision Innovation Fund, to run a large scale research project, deepening the evidence base on how AV1 can improve outcomes for children in alternative provision.

"Having been involved with alternative provision for nearly two decades, I know firsthand the impact that absence from school can have on a child’s education and mental wellbeing." – Cath Kitchen, Project Lead

What the teachers say

  • "Everyone embraced the opportunity it gave to the student, our user had missed so much learning prior to using AV1. It greatly improved his attendance levels as we marked him present when he was connected to AV1" - Gregg Morrison, Preston School, Yeovil
  • "AV1 enabled one of my students to take six GCSEs this summer who previously hadn't been in full time education for years. It's a marvellous inclusive device - highly recommend it to all schools" - Louise Clancy, Canbury School, Kingston
  • “We stopped using AV1 after four months when he was well enough to return to school. The social, emotional and mental health benefits were beyond any expectations, and he is now back to his old self; funny and smart. I would absolutely recommend it. Our user, due to his illness, had spent almost one year in total isolation, so using AV1 was literally the end of his isolation.” - Mihaela Chowdhury , Hornbeam Academy, Walthamstow

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