No Isolation KOMP

When a tablet isn't right

KOMP is tailored for seniors with limited digital skills and decreased eyesight, hearing or physical functioning. The senior only has to switch it on or off. Family or friends take care of the rest from an app.

Grandfather looking at the picture in KOMP and smiling

Glimpses of everyday life

KOMP lets family or friends share photos and messages as easily as they would on regular social media. The senior doesn’t have to deal with pop-ups, updates or login pages. Everything is high-contrast and hassle-free.


Let the senior participate

Starting a video call is as easy as 1-2-3. The call counts down from 10 and starts automatically, without the senior having to move a muscle.

Sharing experiences with KOMP

An ecosystem that will grow on you

We’ll continuously improve the KOMP experience, like the possibility of adding widgets and sharing new kinds of content with your senior.

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Developed in collaboration with The Norwegian Cancer Society

KOMP is developed in collaboration with The Norwegian Cancer Society, which is a nationwide organisation for voluntary efforts against cancer in Norway.