Production and pricing

Over the past month, we have experienced a huge surge in demand for KOMP.

We have been working hard to produce more units within the restrictions that the current pandemic places on our supply chain. We are now back in stock, with a limited number of KOMPs available for delivery within 2 weeks.

KOMP is a bespoke product, designed to meet specific requirements for our users. This means the parts are not commonly used, they’re hard to source, and therefore more expensive. The screen has to be large and of high quality, so that those with visual impairments have no issues seeing the content. The microphone and speakers need to transmit clear and loud sound so the senior can hear and be heard, even if sitting at a distance. These requirements mean that the restrictions placed on our supply chain lead to longer lead times than normal.

We adhere to strict ethical production standards, and have chosen to produce KOMP in Norway, rather than a foreign factory where we have no insight into working conditions or the supply chain. We source our components from well known distributors, with high standards and a proven ethical track record. This means our products are slightly more expensive to make, but it’s a cost we believe it’s well worth taking.

At the moment we are able to offer KOMP today, at £599 with delivery within 2 weeks, these units are built from our existing stock of components, and the price is reflective of that.

Producing new units costs money, and the upfront cost of production makes us unable to offer a rental option at this time. We’re working on establishing a payment plan where you can split the cost into instalments, and hope to have this available by summer.

We are more committed than ever to bring people together through warm technology, and hope to help as many families as possible to stay connected in these times of crisis.