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Great user stories

We receive a lot of touching, funny and heartwarming stories of how our customers are using KOMP in these trying times. Here are some of them.

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Passing down knowledge

We've heard a lot of stories on how families use KOMP to pass knowledge and advice down to new generations, with people video calling their grandparents to get help with family recipies, crosswords and carpentry. This one is new, though.

During easter, a farmer, during a tricky lamb delivery, gave a KOMP call to her grandfather to seek advice. Through the video call he was able to guide his grand daughter and provide advice. Together they safely delivered the new born lamb!

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Grocery shopping with KOMP

With people self isolating at home, home delivery service have become hugely popular.

One KOMP app user used a video call to help their elderly grandmother choose a vegetable box delivery. By pointing their phone camera at their computer screen/the vegetable delivery website, their grandmother could compare options and make their own selection. Their very first experience of online food shopping!

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Top tips

Tips to fully utilise your KOMP

  • Use the 'Text on image' function to annotate photos. Move the image text to either of the four corners to ensure the text doesn't obstruct a key element of your photo. The photo will show for 10 seconds with the text, then 10 seconds without the text, revealing the whole image.
  • If KOMP is turned off, and you’d like to have a KOMP call, why not call the landline and arrange a time for both that is convenient to speak.
  • Scan old family photos and send them to KOMP. Memories from family vacations, photos from when your parents were newlyweds or from where your children. Its a great conversation starter, and a great pass time for your grandparents.