17 nursing homes in Oslo will us KOMP to keep their residents in touch with their families

In partnership with Oslo Metropolitan University (OsloMet) and the Norwegian Nursing Home Agency (SYE), No Isolation has been granted funding to implement 340 KOMP devices in nursing homes across Oslo. As part of the project, we will develop a new service for contact between care home employees and the family members of their patients. Researchers from OsloMet will conduct a study on the program; from its implementation, to the effects of KOMP on patients and staff. The researchers will publish their results towards the end of 2021.

When COVID-19 hit, nursing homes across Norway enforced strict visitation restrictions. The restrictions have softened, but the situation made it obvious that seniors in nursing homes are an especially socially vulnerable group.

Helge Jagmann, SYE’s director, says that

– While the visitation restrictions were very intrusive, they were a necessary measure in a situation where residents were particularly exposed to infection.

However, the director also admits that staying in touch with relatives is important to maintain the quality of life of their patients, and argues that SYE’s experiences during the first outbreak will be used to develop even better solutions to ensure that residents and their families can stay connected.

According to Jagmann, it’s very important that SYE incorporates innovative solutions to better the quality of care for their patients.

– Innovation and development are focus areas for the nursing homes and health centers across Oslo. We work closely with people and their day-to-day needs, and we look forward to developing even better care for our residents through innovative solutions and research.

Astrid Riddervold Komp4

To establish better contact between residents and their families, 340 KOMP’s will be placed across 17 nursing homes across Oslo. In addition to this, No Isolation will develop a KOMP compatible tool to strengthen communication between employees and families. The ultimate goal of this project is for it to demonstrate how KOMP could be used in nursing homes across Norway and internationally.

CEO of No Isolation, Karen Dolva, says

– First and foremost, we are very happy that the Oslo Municipality saw the need for KOMP and contacted us. It's wonderful that we, through KOMP, can help 340 residents stay in touch with their families, and we are very excited to see the results of the research.

Researchers from OsloMet will follow the project from start to finish and evaluate the effect of KOMP on care home residents and staff.The results will be a Best Practice on public-private partnership. They will contextualize the findings and contribute to the general knowledge already held on the implementation of welfare technology. The findings will also be interesting for other public and private actors.

Postdoctoral fellow, Erik Børve Rasmussen says, – This is a unique opportunity with huge potential learnings for us.

The results will be published towards the end of 2021, while the first KOMP screens will be delivered this summer.