KOMP Pro free trial

We know that KOMP Pro can be a great help at this time of social distancing, so we are offering care providers the opportunity to try KOMP Pro for free. Apply below.

KOMP Pro is a flexible solution that helps service providers improve patient wellbeing, whilst enabling those cared for, to live more independently. KOMP Pro is widely used by care homes and cities across Norway, here is one of their experiences using the system.

Kongsvinger Council: Saving money and more quality visits with KOMP Pro

'In Kongsvinger we have reduced costs associated with driving to patient visits, as well as having reduced the amount of physical visits needed. This is made possible because service recipients who have KOMP can receive follow-up sessions digitally. We still visit in person, but KOMP Pro is well suited for follow-ups, reminders, or to prepare the recipient for upcoming appointments. This enables us to focus our time on what matters the most during visits, and therefore leads to higher quality visits where we have more time, as we don't have to worry about making sure all tasks are completed, etc. In addition, the fact that the recipient is prepared for who’s visiting makes for a more predictable and calm visit.'

– Anne-Lisa Brenna Ording, Welfare coordinator in Kongsvinger Council

*Please note we only have a limited number of KOMP Pros available for a free trial. Please carefully specify your reasons for a trial, and we will do our best to accomodate you.

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