KOMP Family app

KOMP is the one-button computer connecting analogue seniors with their more digital families. From a smartphone or tablet, children, grandchildren and old friends can share photos, messages and make video calls directly to the person viewing KOMP’s screen.

You might be here because someone has invited you. To get started and connect to KOMP, first download the app from either the App Store (Apple products) or Google Play (Android).

Download the Onboarding Guide for help setting up and FAQs.

User friendly KOMP family app

The KOMP app builds a technological bridge between children, grandchildren and grandparents. Through the app, the entire family can send photos and messages to the KOMP that they are connected to, start video calls and administer content and settings for the device.

Personal invitations

An unlimited number of family members can be invited to share moments through an app, giving every generation in the family the possibility to participate.