Designed for seniors and their families


Designed for seniors and their families

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Keeping in touch should be simple

We have never had more means of communication than we do today. Some groups in our society are struggling to keep up with the rapid development of new technology, and they miss out on the advantages of today's advanced tools. This often includes seniors, who need communication tools as much as anyone.

We're proud that KOMP has received the Seal of Excellence from the European Commission.

In the UK

1 100 000

Seniors (75 and over) have contact with relatives once a month or less.

The one-button computer connecting generations

Growing older, our functional abilities change, and it can become hard to use modern communication devices. Keeping in touch with family and friends is as important as ever. We developed KOMP to make communication simple.

Sharing the moment

KOMP lets family and friends share photos, messages, and start video calls.

See how it works

Secure video streaming and data storage

Privacy is always one of our main concerns – making sure both the receiver and sender feel safe using KOMP.

Technical specifications


2,6 kg


H 32,0 cm x W 50,0 cm x D 6,8 cm


12V 5A 60W




6,5 cm full range speaker


8 Mpix


WiFi Dual Band 802.11ac and Bluetooth V4.0

Personal invitations

An unlimited number of family members can be invited to share moments through an app, giving every generation in the family the possibility to participate.

An ecosystem that will grow with you

KOMP is not a static product. We are continuously improving features, adding widgets and introducing new kinds of content to share with your loved one.

Our first widget is the weather forecast, and this is administered through the app for the family members.

Tailored for seniors

High contrast screen

The screen has high contrast and large text, making the content easy to see.

No touchscreen

With dry fingertips, interacting with a touchscreen can be difficult. KOMP has no touch screen, and is operated through only one button.

Crisp audio

The sound is loud and clear, and seeing the person you talk with makes it easier to understand what they say.

One-button, physical interface

KOMP is easy to operate through a big, accessible button, with no complicated interactions to learn.

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Customer Support


Automatic software updates

Families love KOMP

In cooperation with our partner, the Norwegian Cancer Society, we have tested KOMP – and the families love it!

Five-month pilot

In the period June to November 2017, we conducted a pilot where we wanted to validate if KOMP could contribute more communication within the family. We gave no guidelines on how to use the product and we're proud to see that over 2000 pictures and messages were sent during this period.


Seniors (80 years and older)


Family members (20-65 years)


Months of testing

2 000

Pictures and messages

How do the users feel about KOMP?

The families report that KOMP increases the day-to-day contact, and makes it easier to share both everyday and important moments in life. In a survey, users state that they totally or partially agree with the following statements:


“KOMP makes it easier to share moments of my day-to-day life”


"Sharing pictures from my day-to-day life gives us more to talk about when meeting”


“KOMP is adapted to the user's level of technological understanding

Pilot program

Is your organization interested in conducting a pilot in close collaboration with our research team? We are eager to hear about collaboration projects where we can pilot KOMP amongst seniors and their families in new environments.

Unlimited support


Automatic software updates

More questions?

Skype on a computer or an iPad both require a certain amount of technological competence, which can include dealing with passwords, installing updates, error messages, or remembering to charge the device. Touch screens can also be a challenge for people with reduced fine motor skills or dry fingertips. KOMP is made for seniors that want to communicate without feeling intimidated by new and unfamiliar technology.

There is no limit to how many devices that can be connected to KOMP, but all users needs a personal invitation with a keyword to get started.

At the moment, a senior cannot start a call themselves.

KOMP requires an internet connection to function, and is easily connected to the WiFi network in your home. If you do not have a WiFi connection, it is possible to set up a mobile 4G network to gain internet access.

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