This is KOMP.

Revolutionary technology,
for those who didn’t grow up with it

Smartphones and tablets aren’t suited for everyone

As we get older some things in life are constant; the love we have for our families, our need for human contact and the frustration we feel when we can’t do the things we once could. Other things change; it becomes harder to remember passwords, use touch screens and understand complicated user interfaces. KOMP is a one-button computer, made specifically for isolated individuals who struggle with using modern day technology. KOMP requires no prior digital skills from its user, and allows children and grandchildren to share photos, messages and make video calls with their grandparents.

Komp In Use
Komp With Blob

Try the features:

Easy to use

High contrast screen

High contrast screen

The screen has a high contrast ratio and large text, making the content easy to see.

No touchscreen

No touchscreen

As skin ages, fingertips can become dry and leathery, making interaction with a touch screen more difficult. KOMP has no touch screen and is operated by a single button.

Clear audio connection

Clear audio connection

The sound is loud and clear, and seeing the person you talk with makes it easier to understand what they say.

One-button, physical interface

One-button, physical interface

KOMP is easy to operate through a big, accessible button, with no complicated interactions to learn.

KOMP is available for rent here.

Since june 2017


moments from all over the world have been shared with grandparents

KOMP vs Tablets

What makes KOMP different?

As technologically experienced individuals, it’s easy to think that using tools like smartphones and tablets comes natural, almost an extension of your mind and body. Unfortunately, they don’t. Smartphones and tablets are made for the masses, not for people with cognitive or physical limitations. We tailored KOMP for seniors, and involved them in the process. For more information on why KOMP has, or does not have, the features it has, press the “i”.

komp illustration
  • Only one button

  • No user names or passwords

  • App for sharing content and managing KOMP

  • Limited functionality

  • No tracking or sharing of personal user data

tablet illustration
  • Touch screen

  • User names and passwords required

  • Managed through the device

  • Endless functionality

  • Often tracks and shared personal data

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