Easy communication between care recipients and providers

KOMP Pro is a flexible solution that helps service providers improve patient wellbeing, whilst enabling those cared for, to live more independently

It provides a platform to manage and interact with the KOMP device, the one-button screen designed for ‘lowest-effort’ use, by anyone who has challenges using modern communication technology. From the KOMP Pro platform, carers can send photos and messages, carry out video-calls, and also schedule medical appointments and reminders, tailored to individual needs or care programmes. Users of KOMP Pro can manage an unlimited number of KOMP devices, create specific groups and assign different levels of access to team members.

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Kongsvinger Council: Saving money and more quality visits with KOMP Pro

In Kongsvinger we have reduced costs associated with driving to patient visits, as well as having reduced the amount of physical visits needed. This is made possible because service recipients who have KOMP can receive follow-up sessions digitally. We still visit in person, but KOMP Pro is well suited for follow-ups, reminders, or to prepare the recipient for upcoming appointments. This enables us to focus our time on what matters the most during visits, and therefore leads to higher quality visits where we have more time, as we don't have to worry about making sure all tasks are completed, etc. In addition, the fact that the recipient is prepared for who’s visiting makes for a more predictable and calm visit.

Anne-Lisa Brenna Ording,
Welfare coordinator in Kongsvinger Council


Group Of People
Linda H

This is Linda

Linda works at Lakeside community care and nursing home in Fieldborough . She has been working there for 7 years. There are many patients at Lakeside and always a lot to do; people to visit, food to be made, medicine to be administered and messages that need to arrive in time. For Linda and her colleagues, there simply isn’t enough time to do it all. The visits are shorter than she wants them to be. And sadly, good conversations often have to end early, to ensure she can give her time to everyone that needs care, reminders or a friendly chat.

Olav Videocall


Steve lives at home, but has a tendency to forget day-to-day tasks. Steve and his family want him to live at home for as long as he can, to ensure he receives community care. They visit with dinner every day, and often sit down for a short conversation. For Steve to continue living at home, the most important thing is to make sure that he is happy and doesn't feel isolated. So in addition to the community care, Linda video calls Steve every day on KOMP.

Esther Workout


For Elizabeth, KOMP makes it easier to stay active. Elizabeth moved to Lakeside one year ago, but as she gotten older, she often loses track of time and her mobility has decreased as a result. Through KOMP, Linda sends Elizabeth a message or picture each day, reminding her to get active, to help her get healthier and happier.

Kari In Chair


Helen has lived at Lakeside for five years, and after a long and healthy life she’s starting to loose appetite. Each day, a few hours before lunch and dinner, Linda sends her a picture of mouth-watering food, that way Helen can look forward to dinner and prepare herself for the meal.

Evidence and case studies

KOMP was originally created for seniors with little to no technological experience. However, through KOMP and the platform capabilities of KOMP Pro, a broad spectrum of user groups that face the same challenges using technology, have been helped. Following a trial period using KOMP Pro with a group of people with learning disabilities, Kongsvinger offer ‘KOMP as a service’.

“We see that our users keep KOMP turned on at all times. We call and talk together, send messages and schedule reminders to take medicine or prepare for upcoming appointments. We also share photos from things we’ve done as a group. We see each other on the screen, and although the amount of face to face visits have decreased, the quality of communication is much better across the board. We have moved from quantitative to qualitative communication.”

Environmental therapist in Kongsvinger, Øyvind Støkker.

WATT is a research arena where users, researchers and developers gather to develop and share knowledge and experiences regarding welfare technology, specifically aimed at helping lonely and socially isolated groups in society. They’ve already published a report on the effect of KOMP on users and their families.

"KOMP can strengthen the contact with loved ones and increase quality of life for the users, independently of whether or not they were lonely or socially isolated in the first place.”

Oppedal, Askheim & Haldar, 2019: 37.

KOMP Pro can

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    Reduce costs for service providers, such as travel and staff, through providing simple, effective and accessible remote communication with those they care for.

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    Improve quality of care by increasing the frequency and relevance of contact made with with patients living at home for long periods of time. This enables greater patient independence and control over their care routines, and more informed service provider oversight and care, while the patient still lives at home.

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    Increase patient wellbeing and improve social connection, by providing a simple and meaningful way to connect with family and friends. And by bringing them closer, and reminding them of the memories and activities shared, it builds valuable and lasting feelings of togetherness.

How does KOMP Pro work?

KOMP Pro gives service providers an administrative overview of the KOMP devices in use across any of their programmes, keeping track of activity, inviting employees and assigning access levels, creating departmental groups or communication privileges. Employees can submit content to the KOMP devices of individual or groups of users, at a department or organisational level. KOMP Pro is a scalable platform with four key elements included:

Komp Family 3X

KOMP Family

KOMP Family app is an easy way for family and relatives to send photos, messages and make video calls with the user. With KOMP Pro, the family app is included. It provides a private feed of the content shared, only visible to the user and the family/friends invited to connect.

Komp Care 3X


KOMP Care is the user interface for service providers. With KOMP Care, both care workers and service providers can send content to KOMP, either to groups or to a single user. It's a simple way to organise care activities, from setting visit and medication reminders to wake up calls and sharing photos of social activities.

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Komp Manager 3X

KOMP Manager

KOMP Pro's admin tool allows administrators or super users to keep track of the status of various KOMPs in use, as well manage the access levels and communication privileges of staff using the platform. Employee roles and user groups can be defined and linked and there are tools that make it easy to log and record activity.

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I Fremtiden 3X

KOMP Clock and Calendar

In cooperation with health services, we have developed KOMP Clock and KOMP Calendar. These are simple and effective tools for 24-hour orientation and day planning that are carefully designed to support the needs of most user groups, especially those with memory related challenges or dementia.

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