Summer Term AV1 Trial Offer

Not every child can return to school this summer term. With time and resources being scarcer than ever, we want to make it easy for councils to experience first-hand the positive impacts of AV1.

By taking part, you will receive:

• Training and support for participating school

• Use of 1 AV1 during the summer term, completely free of charge

• An impact report at the end of term

Ukav1 School St Ives 13 Web1

What is AV1?

AV1 is a completely secure tool that allows students to interact with their teachers and friends when they are unable to attend school. The child can turn the head of AV1 up, down and to the sides, whisper to their closest classmate, raise their hand, and react with facial expressions. These functions allow the student to feel in control of their learning experience, and have a noticeable presence in the classroom.

Today it is used by 27 local authorities and over 500 children across the UK, for reasons ranging from cancer to anxiety

Deadline to confirm your participation is Friday 14th May.

To register your interest, get in touch

There are huge positives to having AV1s.

Dr Julie Young, Post-16 Advisor, Somerset Council

It’s a marvellous, inclusive device – highly recommend it to all schools.

Louise Clancy, Head Teacher, Canbury School

It feels like I've been released from prison.

Jade Gadd, age 17, AV1 user with Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome