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Loneliness and social isolation is a vast and worldwide problem. Thankfully, we are not alone in speaking out about the issue and seeking to reduce the negative impact. We always look for valuable collaborations, both to raise awareness, and to make our products available to more people who need them. Together, we achieve this through:

Service provision

Are we helping the same groups of people, or those with similar needs? We would love to see how AV1 can be used to enhance your existing programs or develop new innovative services, to ensure more young people can continue their daily lives, at school, at home or in the hospital.

Fundraising and CSR

Are you looking for a project that will engage your employees, communities or donor audiences? Fundraising and CSR campaigns have given many children access to AV1. We work with charities, sports clubs, telcos, insurance, and more, to enable them to give back to their communities.

Networks and reach

Research, insight and shared networks are valuable when you need to solve a problem. We would love to share what we know, hear your ideas, and where possible, use our combined network reach to reduce loneliness and social isolation.

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​Some partners we work with

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