Listed below is everything you need know about AV1, so you (and others) can meet AV1, and learn more about the robot:

  • A video describing how AV1 works
  • A poster for the classroom
  • Information for teachers
  • Information for parents
  • A detailed user manual

Poster for the classroom 

This is a poster designed to be displayed in the classroom, explaining all of AV1's functions and light signals to the students. Print it in A3-format, and ensure to put it up on the wall so that everyone can understand the purpose of AV1, and follow the necessary guidelines.  

Download poster for the classroom.

Informative letter for teachers

We have written an informative letter to better explain the purpose of AV1 to teachers and schools.

Download the letter to teachers.

Informative letter to other parents

We have written an informative letter outlining how AV1 functions within the class, for parents wondering about the robot and how it works.

Download the letter to parents.

No Isolation AV1

User manual

The user manual describes how AV1 works, how the app controlling AV1 works, technical specifications and how to maintain AV1.

Download user manual