AV1 and the Ofsted Framework

Congratulations on being an inclusive school and embracing the use of technology to support your vulnerable students through the use of AV1.

Here is how you can show this work so that it is appropriately recognised by your governors and Ofsted under the new framework

  • Pupils with medical needs are enabled to access the full school curriculum, despite being too unwell to attend their home school
  • Pupils can access the 'cultural capital' on offer by the school, which is an area that pupils with medical needs often miss out on
  • AV1 can help ensure continued access to a broad and balanced curriculum
  • Your school may not need to outsource teaching to a medical alternative provision school or hospital school to continue their education
  • Teachers are better able to track their absent student’s learning, and put in appropriate interventions where necessary in order to minimise the impact of their medical condition
  • The transition following a period of absence through ill health is much smoother as the pupil remains connected to their home school, their teachers and their peers.

“I have been able to connect to my school almost daily, participating in lessons almost like normal. I am now attempting to complete 1 A level this year, and am in the process of applying to university for entry in 2021, something which at one point I never thought I would be able to do.” - (Charlie , 17, AV1 user)

Behaviour and attitudes

  • Pupils remain connected to their school and their peers which supports their motivation to learn and their engagement
  • Pupils know what is going on in school and continue to demonstrate 'positive behaviours for learning' as there are the same expectations when using AV1 as there are when the pupil is physically in the class.
  • Pupils remain engaged with their learning during their absence.

An example of how AV1 can help students remain connected to school is Zoe. In 2014 Zoe was diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (ME) - debilitating illness affecting the nervous and immune system. After having been away from school for 4 years Zoe got an AV1. With the robot, Zoe went on to study History A-level and was looking forward to doing so "with my friends, rather than on my own at home".

"It makes my life a lot more exciting and makes me feel like I haven't been forgotten," Zoe says.

With the robot's help Zoe was able to take five GCSE exams

"We're celebrating because she did so much better than we ever dared hope," says Ms Johnson.

Personal Development

  • The use of AV1 demonstrates the school's commitment to inclusion of all pupils
  • Pupils remain connected and engaged with their peers so feel less isolated and lonely, which can be a consequence of missing school due to illness
  • Pupils continue to be invited to social events and are involved by their peers - they are not 'forgotten'
  • Pupils can observe and practice appropriate social skills virtually so that they are better equipped to be able to cope in the class
  • Demonstrates equality of opportunity for ALL pupils

Chartwell Cancer Trust raised funds to allow 12 robots and children be paired in Bromley. Interviewed by the Bromley Times, one of the mothers explain how the robot has been a game-changer: "Treatment becomes such a massive part of his life, but underneath he's just a normal 14-year old. So being able to make his friends laugh at the push of a button, to sit next to his best mate in class again - these little details mean the world to my son."

Leadership and Management

  • Leadership are demonstrating their commitment to inclusion and wanting to have a positive impact on all pupils,
  • It is a more straightforward way to 'monitor' progress of pupils who are learning offsite
  • Forms part of your overall strategy for SEND

“Everyone embraced the opportunity it gave to the student, our user had missed so much learning prior to using the AV1. It greatly improved his attendance levels as we marked him present when he was connected to AV1.” “The flexibility is key, and it made for an easier transition back to school as we could gradually phase out the use of AV1 as he was able to attend more. It has allowed a very sick child to keep in touch with their friends and access learning, and we wholeheartedly recommend it.” – Headteacher Gregg Morrison, Preston School