Two robots brought to use in the Netherlands

The Norwegian Cornelia Foundation ( gives two AV1 robots to the Emma Children's Hospital in Amsterdam.

The coordinator of the Cornelia Foundation in Norway, Anne Fi Troye, travelled to Amsterdam herself to present the robots to two Dutch children. Both children are patients at the Emma Children's Hospital.

Helianne, her new robot and principal at the Emma Children's hospital, Carla Hendriks.

Helianne, her new robot and principal at the Emma Children's hospital, Carla Hendriks. Photo: Hannah Sommerfeld Keizer.

Principal at the Emma Children's Hospital, Carla Hendriks, and teacher, Martijn Kramer, welcomed the robots and handed them over to the children at the hospital school. One of the robots was given to Helianne, an 11-year-old girl, who is currently a patient at the hospital. Helianne immediately put her robot to use. She downloaded the app and showed everyone how she uses it to control the robot.

Helianne decided that she will give her robot a different name, a name that she likes. Helianne's school is situated close to the hospital, meaning it will be easy to transfer the robot there. Her parents have also arranged to bring the robot home on Fridays, so that Helianne can be more present at home during the weekends.

Helianne immediately took the robot to use.

Helianne immediately took the robot to use. Photo: Hannah Sommerfeld Keizer.

It was decided that robot number two will be used by multiple patients at the hospital school, by children who have to stay in bed, for example, but who still would like to participate at the hospital school, or at other events taking place at the hospital.

Another patient, a 17-year-old boy, came by to have a look as he had been told that there were robots coming to the hospital. He lives in the south of the Netherlands but spends a couple of days a week at the Emma Children’s Hospital. Anne Fi will confer with the Cornelia Foundation to see if they can grant a third robot to the hospital to be used by this boy.

As of today, the robot is in use by about 160 children in Norway, as well as a couple of children in Sweden and Denmark, and is it now also being used in the Netherlands.

Written by: Elisa Salemink