No Isolation commercial is a favorite among cinemagoers

Every year, Capa cinema commercial house analyses which commercials captivate the cinema audience. Out of 29 commercials, Telia’s No Isolation commercial was one of the two best-liked commercials among cinema visitors in 2016. As many as 75 percent liked the commercial after watching it in the movie theatre.

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In addition, 61 percent said that they had a more positive attitude towards Telia after seeing the commercial. Compared to other advertising campaigns, this is a very high number, indicating that the commercial campaign strengthens Telia’s brand.

Moreover, Capa writes that the commercial captured the attention of the audience especially well. 74 percent of the audience remembered watching the No Isolation commercial, well above the average of 66 percent.

Telia is a Swedish-Finnish telecom company. In the Nordic and Baltic countries, they are the provider of the AV1 robot’s 4G data. In Norway, No Isolation has been a part of their advertising campaign Telia Stories: “Mobile technology can do amazing things”.

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