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A Norwegian startup

No Isolation is a Norwegian startup, founded in October 2015. The company tackles loneliness and involuntary social isolation by being a thought leader on issues related to the topic, as well as building tools for people living in vulnerable situations.

Our first tool was AV1, a telepresence robot created to help children and young adults with long-term illness participate in their everyday life. AV1 was launched in August 2016, and is currently helping more than 400 children and young adults in Norway, Sweden, Denmark, the United Kingdom, Romania, the Netherlands, Germany, Switzerland, Belgium and the United States.

Our second solution is KOMP, an easy-to-use communication device developed with and for seniors and their families. KOMP is both an app and a physical device where networks (families/friends) can share photos, messages and video call. 

Our mission

Across borders and generations, communication technology bring people together. No Isolation's mission is to help those who suffer from loneliness and isolation by making products tailored for them and their needs. 

Technological solutions are mostly created for those moving fast, in order for them to move even faster. We want to create technology for those who can benefit the most from it. Many are unable to keep up with, or do not need, the cool new tech. At No Isolation we develop niche products that are just as sleek and functional for the end user, as generic products are for the mass market.

How we work

Insight, innovation and ideas are highly valued and encouraged within the company. We always have a focus on the end user for our products, and user experience design is the very foundation of how we organize our work. We identify problems and test our products with users. Always working across the different teams of expertise within our company to create optimal solutions. 

Today, No Isolation has over 60 wonderful and dedicated people who work in four different offices; Oslo, Amsterdam, London and New York. At the head office in Oslo you find the tech-, user experience-, marketing-, research-, and finance-team, while the operations-, sales- and customer success-team are operating from all offices.

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We identify the problems and test our products with the users.

The No Isolation team
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