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Privacy Statement and cookies

No Isolation is GDPR compliant.

This policy describes how we collect and process personal data about our customers and users of our products and services. All references to “we” and “us” refer to the Norwegian company No Isolation AS and its subsidiaries located in the European Union/European Economic Area. If you have any questions, you are always welcome to contact us at

Our products and services feature video stream transmission, among other functions. All video streams transmitted through our products and services is encrypted and inaccessible to anyone but the people on each end of the transmission. The data is only stored ephemerally and deleted immediately after the transmission is concluded. For Komp, we also process pictures and messages. These pictures and messages are stored safely in the cloud, only accessible to technical staff working under strict obligations of confidentiality.

In addition to the data transmitted through video streams, we collect customer data, user profile data and contact data from anyone who has requested information from us. In the following, we will describe in further detail what types of personal data we collect, how we process it and what your rights you have as a data subject.

The information we collect and how we use your information

Customer Data

When you conclude a subscription agreement with us or buy a product from our website, we collect the following data about you:

  • name
  • phone number
  • email address
  • delivery address
  • payment details

The information is stored for the duration of the customer agreement in order to administer the customer relationship we have with you. We may continue to store the information after the expiration of the agreement for the following reasons:

  • Bookkeeping (we have a duty to store accounting information for 5 years in accordance with Norwegian law)
  • Collecting any outstanding amounts (if you still owe us money after the expiration of the agreement)
  • Defend any legal claims (if we are in dispute over the rights or obligations of the agreement)


User data

All Komp app users register with a user profile. You are requested to provide the following information:

  • Profile picture
  • Username
  • Phone number

This information is used to identify you on the Komp device (e.g. if you start a video call), and is accessible for all the app users connected to the same Komp as you. It is also accessible to No Isolation through our internal CRM system for support and security reasons.

Your data is deleted when you discontinue your user profile or if the Komp device is reset (if the device is registered on a new customer or returned to us).


No personal data is required to use the AV1 application. If you want to contact our support team after our opening hours you will be given the option to give us your email address so we can contact you the following day.

Log data

We collect the following log data when you use AV1 in order to provide technical support, give proactive support, ensure correct billing and maintain adequate information security:

  • Video stream session length and quality
  • Date and time of a video stream
  • WiFi network information
  • Connection strength
  • Cellular network information

The AV1 device is not registered on the user, but the customer of the device. Hence, the log data will not be traceable to the individual user of the device, such as children. The log data may be associated with the customer as long as the device is registered on the customer. Only technical personnel working under strict obligations of confidentiality have access to the above-mentioned categories of data. The log data is never disseminated to third parties unless required by law.

Our admin tool

If you are a customer with (typically) more than one product to manage, you might opt to use our Admin tool, wherein you can organise and see the status of your products. We offer this so you can administer your products yourself. If you want a Data Processing Agreement for your Admin tool, please feel free to contact us.

If you have access to the Admin tool you are requested to provide:

  • Email address
  • Name
  • Address

Subscription to waitlists, newsletters and request for information

If you contact us or subscribe to a waiting list or to one of our newsletters, we collect the following data:

  • Waiting list subscription: location (country of residence) and email address
  • Newsletter subscription: email address
  • Chat: you may chat with us without providing any personal data, but you can give us your email address so we can contact you again
  • Email contact: if you contact us by email we store the correspondence in order to respond to your requests.

We need your consent to keep you on waiting lists and newsletter subscriptions. You may at any time withdraw your consent to be on such lists and we will correspondingly delete your personal data.

Chat logs and email correspondence is kept for one (1) year in the case you contact us again for a similar inquiry. You may nevertheless at any time request us to delete such data if you want to.

If you are a customer, we retain the chat logs and email correspondence as long as you are an active customer in order to give you the best possible customer support. The information may also be necessary to retain in relation to customer complaints or returns. You may request us to delete chat logs and email correspondence. We will consider your request reasonably. If we decide to retain your data, we will explain our reasons for doing so in a timely manner.

Your rights as a data subject

If you have any questions about how we process your personal data, we will provide you with an answer to your inquiry in a timely manner. You may also request us to:

  • Provide you with all the personal data we have stored about you
  • Correct any errors in the personal data we have stored about you
  • Delete any personal data we have stored about you if we do not longer have a legal reason to retain it.

You may at any time file a complaint to the data processing authorities in your country if you are displeased with how we process your personal data.

Our data processors

This section describes our data processors and the services we use.

No Isolation use the following processors:

  • Amazon Web Services EMEA SARL as our main sub-processor, which is a European incorporated company with servers in Frankfurt. This company incorporates the use of EU standard contractual clauses (SCC´s) and binding corporate rules (BCR´s).
  • MongoDB Inc. for storing system data including customer data. This company incorporates the use of EU standard contractual clauses (SCC´s).
  • Twilio Inc. for hosting a TURN server (relay server) that facilitates communication between AV1 and the associated user (application). For Komp, Twilio is also used for sending SMS that allows users to gain access to the service.

Transfer of personal data outside the EU/EEA

No Isolation has taken the necessary steps to ensure continued compliance with European GDPR rules and regulation. Our data processing takes place in Europe and no personal data is sent or processed outside the EU/ EEA.

No Isolation may use the following sub-processor, under the legal basis described below:

  • Amazon Web Services EMEA SARL as our main sub-processor, which is a European incorporated company with servers in Frankfurt. This company incorporates the use of EU standard contractual clauses (SCC´s) and binding corporate rules (BCR´s).
  • Twilio Inc. This company incorporates the use of EU standard contractual clauses (SCC´s) and binding corporate rules (BCR´s). Processing takes place in EU/ EEA.
  • MongoDB Inc. This company incorporates the use of EU standard contractual clauses (SCC´s). Processing takes place in EU/ EEA.

Information security

No Isolation has strict policies for data security, including, but not limited to, strict need-to-know access, two-factor authentication, and physical, contractual and digital protections for our data. We will never share your personal information with third parties that are not mentioned in our Privacy Statement or Terms and Conditions unless you give your explicit consent.

Last updated: September 18th, 2020

Cookies and terms of use


Session recordings to improve the website


Sending personalised emails based on website activity


Our CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system


SEO A/B testing

Craft CMS

Our CMS (Content Management System)


Tag management


Our chat tool


Web analytics


Targeted ads based on website activity

Google (Analytic, Tagmanager AdWords)

Web analytics, targeted ads and ads retargeting

Piwik PRO Analytics Suite

We use Piwik PRO Analytics Suite as our website/app analytics software and consent management tool. We collect data about website visitors based on cookies. The collected information may include a visitor’s IP address, operating system, browser ID, browsing activity and other information. See the scope of data collected by Piwik PRO.

We calculate metrics like bounce rate, page views, sessions and the like to understand how our website/app is used. We may also create visitors’ profiles based on browsing history to analyze visitor behavior, show personalized content and run online campaigns.

We host our solution on Microsoft Azure in Germany, and the data is stored for 14/25 months.

The purpose of data processing: analytics and conversion tracking based on consent. Legal basis: Art. 6 (1)(a) GDPR.

Piwik PRO does not send the data about you to any other sub-processors or third parties and does not use it for its own purposes. For more, read Piwik PRO’s privacy policy.

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