AV1 user stories

The greatest impact of AV1 is demonstrated through the experiences of children and young people using it. Of the 750 AV1s in the UK, here are just some of the stories we've heard.


Diagnosed with brain cancer aged eleven, Elliot spent nine months recovering from treatment and operations that took away much of his mobility. To help him stay integrated in school when he couldn't be there in person he used AV1 – watch below to hear about his experiences.

"This device is absolutely pivotal in making those first next steps into integrating back into mainstream education."
– Bill Smith, father of Elliot
'Robots in the classroom push boundaries of education', Financial Times.


The clip below shows seven-year-old Sam with leukaemia using an AV1 robot to take part in lessons at school. Sam's weak immune system means he can't be in the classroom, so AV1 acts as his eyes, ears and voice.

"My favourite thing about Sam is that we can talk to him when he is at home"
– Sam's classmate
'The robot helping a seven-year-old boy go to school', BBC Five Live.


As a young girl Makayla was an all-rounder, winning ballet competitions and swimming races. But at the age of seven she became seriously unwell. Makayla often became too ill to attend school, but her AV1 robot helped to mitigate the affects by attending classes for her. Using her tablet, she can now watch lessons virtually from her bedroom and even ask questions. Read more about Makayla's story on ITV here.

Academically, the first assessment she did for me this year she was getting about 60%. The last assessment she did – so this is after having Robbie for three or four months – she was upwards of 90%.

– Kirsty Aaron, Makayla's Teacher, Priory Community School

AV1 lets me do everything I didn’t think I’d ever be able to do. It allows me to be there, and hear first hand what’s being said, and be part of the class. Also, it can be very isolating being in a little room reading notes all day. AV1 makes it exciting again.

– Jade, 17, Bloomberg article.

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