Komp vs. Mobile Phones and Tablets

What makes Komp unique?

It's easy to assume that using smartphones and tablets is natural for everyone, that digital tools are an extension of the body and mind. They're not. Smartphones and tablets are designed for the masses, not for people with cognitive or physical limitations, which leads to many being excluded from the most common communication channels. Komp is created for and with seniors, and we've taken the best of modern technology and wrapped it into a solution that everyone can master.

Only one button

As we age, our bodies change. Dry fingertips make it difficult to use touch screens, poor vision and hearing make it challenging to see and hear what's happening on a regular tablet or computer screen. Komp has only one button, a high-contrast screen, and clear, loud sound so that seniors can easily use the device and have an easier time seeing and hearing the shared content.

No usernames or passwords

Most modern technology often requires usernames and passwords for everything from logging in, to using apps, and automatic software updates and unfamiliar user interfaces can lead to confusion. Komp requires no usernames or passwords; the user experience remains unchanged, and there are no error messages to deal with.

The family shares content and manages Komp through an app

Through the Komp app, family members can manage the device (e.g., download apps). This lowers the usage threshold, reduces the senior's cognitive load, and makes the device easier to navigate. All app members must be invited, making it easy to control who contacts the user.

Simplicity in functionality

Infinite functionality and endless choices make it difficult and confusing to navigate technology for individuals with little prior experience. We user-test all new features, and we only add new things if they enhance the experience without compromising the sense of independence for those using Komp

No collection or sharing of personal user data

Consumers are becoming increasingly aware of how technology companies handle their data, and many companies operate in a gray area. No Isolation only collects metadata (e.g., the number of shared photos/messages from all users to all), but never private messages and photos, and we never share the data we have with third parties.