AV1 robot on a desk in a classroom taking part in group work

Free AV1 for local authorities

Trial AV1 in your local authority for the first time, and get one device free for 2 months

Pilot offer details

  • Guidance with finding schools and users
    Using our toolkit for local authorities.

  • Full training and support programme
    Throughout the trial period.

  • An impact report
    To fairly assess the pilot and its impact on your students and schools.

  • One free AV1 for 2 months
    We tailor your pilot size/duration to your current needs, potential use cases and budgets. When you start the paid pilot, we will include one of the devices for free for 2 months. See standard pricing here.

T&Cs: Only one free AV1 per new local authority. Free AV1s are allocated on a first come, first served basis.

5 AV1 robots for 2 months. This would help multiple students, build evidence and get a full understanding of AV1s scope of use. The cost for this pilot would be £1,600 (instead of £3,000 using the standard pricing).


Over 40 local authorities use AV1 for students with long term school absence.

Browse AV1 case studies
to learn about how and why people use AV1, including:

  • Long term illness or chronic condition
  • SEND, including SEMH
  • Anxiety and EBSA

  • Autism and aspergers

  • Covid related absence

One of Redbridge Council's AV1s, as featured on BBC Click in September 2021


For a small insight into AV1s potential, we have compiled feedback from some previous and ongoing AV1 local authority pilots.

“The student uses the AV1 and also engages with the teacher through Teams chat. She submits the work that she does in the lessons and has now caught up on 12 months worth of Geography work. Her parents are amazed as to how much she wants to do… I think because of the robot."
– Teacher, summer 2021
“AV1s will continue to have a role to play in our school beyond the current pandemic. We envisage that AV1 could help students with mental health or anxiety concerns. Students would be able to continue to attend lessons from a quiet, safe space, whilst maintaining interaction in their class, with a view to reintegrating back into the classroom when they are able to.”
– Teacher, summer 2021
"AV1 it is an alternative I like very much, specifically because it makes it possible for the children to access their peers. It is my opinion that if children remain connected to their school community, the reintegration back to school will be much easier. The anxiety of meeting others can actually be transformed into anticipation to see their friends in person again." Access Lead, Hertfordshire County Council, Dec 2021
“The biggest concern coming from teachers was about some of the bigger characters in lessons and whether they would use the AV1 as an excuse to disrupt the class. To my knowledge this didn’t happen. I think there was initial excitement and the other children were intrigued by the AV1 but once the lesson kicked off it was fine and no teacher came back to me and said they had any problems”
– Teacher, summer 2021
“Initially, the class teacher was hesitant as they felt as if they were going to be watched by a parent. The worries soon subsided once it started being used. It was very easy to set up and there was no additional pressure on the class teacher in terms of workload.”
Teacher, summer 2021
“Without these devices all of the students would have missed valuable teaching time and peer input to their assessment preparation. This is the next best solution to face to face teaching.”
– Academy SEN Department, summer 2021
“The security of AV1 is a big selling point, and the fact it is so manoeuvrable. I think in terms of supporting student wellbeing, both for the user and the classmates, AV1 is a much more impactful tool than other video-conferencing options.”
– Teacher, summer 2021

"If the student didn’t have access to the AV1 she would be completely cut off from her friends. The AV1 provides her with purpose for the day, and allows her to get the support she needs from a teacher and from her classmates.”
– Teacher, summer 2021
“The technology has a very simple concept but brings remote learning to life. It’s a fantastic way to keep young people engaged and connected and to support their education. AV1 is very simple for the teacher and class to engage with and there are no security concerns as no data can be stored. From an authority perspective, it really supports the council’s statutory duty of providing all children with an education whatever the circumstances. It’s such an exciting project that is truly helping to enhance lives through the use of technology.”
– ICT Business Solutions Partner, Wigan Council, Jun 2021
“The real positive from using the robot is that it enabled the child to be part of the classroom and feel less isolated. The student attended and contributed to an RE lesson, using the AV1, for the first time this academic year.”
– Teacher, 2021