School case studies and testimonials

Hear directly from teachers about experiences with AV1 in their classrooms

AV1 supports student wellbeing in equal measure to their studies

The AV1 at Copnor Primary School was used to support a student shielding since March 2020. The AV1 enabled them to feel part of the class and be vocal during lessons.

If the student didn’t have access to the AV1 she would be completely cut off from her friends. The AV1 provides her with purpose for the day, and allows her to get the support she needs from a teacher and from her classmates.

– Beth Eddy, Copnor Primary School, Portsmouth

Brixworth CEVC Primary School have used AV1 with three of their pupils over the past two years. These included pupils with medical conditions that impacted on their ability to attend school as well as a pupil who was experiencing debilitating anxiety.

The connection that AV1 ensured between home and school was invaluable. These pupils enjoyed maintaining their relationships with their peers, accessing learning at a level they could manage.

– Sharon Marsh, Brixworth CEVC Primary, Brixworth

AV1 helps students engage and contribute in lessons

Broadland High adopted a couple of AV1s to help with the ever-increasing number of pupils suffering with anxiety in the school.

Without these devices all of the students would have missed valuable teaching time and peer input to their assessment preparation. This is the next best solution to face to face teaching.

– SEND Department, Broadland High Ormiston Academy, Norfolk

AV1 supports a smooth transition back into school

Gillingham School have used 7 AV1s over the last year for a variety of reasons including students shielding due to vulnerabilities at home and their own health reasons.

AV1s will continue to have a role to play in our school beyond the current pandemic. We envisage that AV1 could help students with mental health or anxiety concerns. Students would be able to continue to attend lessons from a quiet, safe space, whilst maintaining interaction in their class, with a view to reintegrating back into the classroom when they are able to.

– Pete Alborough, Gillingham School, Dorset

AV1 offers a fuller school experience than other remote options

Before using the AV1 the student at Newbridge Junior School had no real link to the classroom. The biggest impact was that it allowed friendships to continue and allowed the child to still feel part of school life.

The security of AV1 is a big selling point, and the fact it is so maneuverable. I think in terms of supporting student wellbeing, both for the user and the classmates, AV1 is a much more impactful tool than other video-conferencing options.

– Jack Jones, Newbridge Junior School, Portsmouth

Star Primary were previously using Google meet to help their student access lessons. Now, with the AV1, the student is able to engage in all areas of the curriculum, not just core subjects. The student has even taken part in PE lessons using the AV1.

We think the AV1 is absolutely excellent in including our pupil in all aspects of the school day and maintaining social interactions with peers and teachers.

– Teacher, Star Primary, London