World’s first virtual mascot

Jack’s dream came true thanks to the great work of WellChild, a UK charity working to better the lives of children with long-term diseases, and Everton Football Club, who moved boulders to arrange Jack’s dream day.

Jack is a young boy that due to his disability has been in and out of hospital care his entire life. Jack has multiple conditions and complications; he is oxygen-dependent and a wheelchair user. As a result of his health, he has been homebound for the last few months, unable to go outside.

Jacks day-to-day health

Jack is also a passionate Everton fan, and he has attempted to attend matches throughout his life: Some trips were successful, but others had to be cancelled due to weather or Jacks day-to-day health. A lifelong dream of both Jack and his family has been to walk out on the pitch as a team mascot alongside his heroes, but the size of his wheelchair and his unstable condition has made this impossible.

Goodison Park in the arms of Everton captain Phil Jagielka

As Everton faced Newcastle, Jack entered the grass of Goodison Park in the arms of Everton captain Phil Jagielka, accompanied by the 40,000 cheers of the Blues. Jack, however, was safe and comfortable at home and attended the match through his AV1. At halftime, the AV1 was placed at the centre of the field, giving Jack a feel of the Goodison Park atmosphere and his favourite song “On Top Of The World” by Imagine Dragons, was played in his honour.