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Case study video: Moulsham High School

A fleet of 20 AV1 robots helps Moulsham stay on top of persistent absence.

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GOSH Charity and Vodafone Foundation AV1 Impact Report

GOSH Charity and Vodafone Foundation: AV1 Impact Report

September 2021 marked the end of a two-year long project with Great Ormond Street Hospital Charity, The Vodafone Foundation and No Isolation. Vodafone’s generous donation helped fund 20 AV1 robots to be used by patients at the Children’s Hospital School at Great Ormond Street Hospital (GOSH).

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Hand switching on Komp button

Technology as a tool for dementia care

Age-friendly assistive technology could help people with dementia live independently at home for longer

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What is AV1 used for?

Uses for AV1 telepresence robots in 2021–2022 include medical needs, anxiety and EBSA

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Two people and an AV1 robot stand at the front of a classroom giving a presentation

SEND Review 2022

‘Technology for inclusion’ recommended by government for SEND and AP

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Local authority ensures education for 93 absent pupils

Somerset County Council’s AV1 robots help unwell students stay in school.

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UK Komp case studies

Organisations such as care providers, NHS Trusts and local authorities use Komp to help people live independently for longer.

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AV1 from a teacher's perspective

Victoria Butler is a Year 4 Class Teacher at Cassiobury Junior School, Hertfordshire. After some initial apprehension, her overall experience with AV1 in the classroom was so positive that she documented it in this blog post and shared with us at No Isolation.

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AV1 robot on a desk in a classroom taking part in group work

Free AV1 for local authorities

Trial AV1 in your local authority for the first time, and get one device free for 2 months

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School case studies and testimonials

Hear directly from teachers about experiences with AV1 in their classrooms

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AV1 on BBC Click: back to school

As children go back to school, BBC Click look at how AV1 can help to revolutionise education for students, parents and teachers

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Residents climb mountains from the living room

Improving resident wellbeing with communication technology

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Dalai Lama kissing AV1

AV1 in the news

Highlights of AV1 in UK press and media

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AV1 user stories

The greatest impact of AV1 is demonstrated through the experiences of children and young people using it. Of the 750 AV1s in the UK, here are just some of the stories we've heard.

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AV1 user story: Sam

The remote learning robot, AV1, helps students with long term school absence.

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After the bubble bursts

How can kids stay in school when Covid sends them home?

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AV1 on a desk in a classroom. A girl points to a page in a book, which the AV1 looks down at

Department for Education Project

Hospital and Outreach Education were recently granted with £522,142 to provide continued education to children absent from school due to long-term illness. The grant is a part of The Alternative Provision Innovation Fund, set up by the UK's Department for Education (DfE) to deepen the evidence base on how to improve outcomes for children in alternative provision.

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AV1 case study: Essex County Council

Following a successful pilot of four AV1s, the local authority now have 40 devices to use across the county

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Logo for Somerset County Council

AV1 case study: Somerset County Council

The council started with two AV1s as a pilot, and have now procured 50 following great results

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How and why we made Komp

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World’s first virtual mascot

Jack’s dream came true thanks to the great work of WellChild, a UK charity working to better the lives of children with long-term diseases, and Everton Football Club, who moved boulders to arrange Jack’s dream day.

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