Komp for organisations

Improve wellbeing and give seniors more independence

What is Komp?

Komp is easier to use than any tablet or smartphone. It consists of:

  • A device with a large screen and one switch that simply turns it on, off or adjust the volume
  • An app linked to the device

The Komp app is installed by children, grandchildren and old friends on their own device. From the app, they can share photos, messages and make video calls directly to the person viewing Komp’s screen.

The Komp device either connects to WiFi or 4G. Set up is simple for either option. It is developed with privacy and security in mind, making it a safe, secure and closed social network for the whole family.

Komp for your organisation

Komp can be tailored to meet the needs of your organisation. It provides digital communication between care providers and patients, regardless of their experience with technology. It can be implemented at any scale.

Komp always includes the device and app, with:

  • Video communication, messaging and photo sharing
  • Clock with day/night orientation

Additions features for organisations include:

  • Shared calendar to manage daily activities, healthcare appointments and reminders
  • Management of multiple appointments via video call
  • Management of an unlimited number of devices
  • A web platform to administer an unlimited number of Komp devices
  • Full technical support, online training and ongoing assistance
  • Unlimited 4G connectivity

Success stories

Komp is used by local authorities, NHS trusts and charities.

Komp enabled us to provide a rapid and easy means for service users to easily join a video consultation and receive care from within their own home.

– Associate Director of IM&T Transformation, Midlands Partnership NHS Foundation Trust
A close up of an elderly woman and a carer holding hands

Komp delivers residential, in-home or integrated care services.

It connects a support network of family and professional carers.

This generates feelings of security and independence that have a real impact on patient wellbeing and care outcomes.

So far my parents have benefited from a better sense of connectivity with video rather than voice calls. As a result my mum is now not skipping meals, remembering to take her medication correctly and even doing little walks around the garden to get some exercise every day. We couldn’t get her to do it with phone calls and leaving notes up around the house. It’s the Komp that’s making the difference. Brilliant.

– Peter, son of a Komp user

Privacy and safeguarding

The connection between the Komp device and app is completely secure; end-to-end encryption means that nobody can listen in on or record conversations.

Care providers can't see content or activity sent by family members, and vice versa.

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