Komp for private residential care

Innovative assistive technology for elderly residential care

Reducing loneliness and improving wellbeing

Komp helps elderly residential care organisations, including private senior care homes and elderly home care providers, to improve the quality of care for elderly residents by enabling more frequent interactions with family, friends, and carers. Help your elderly residents to maintain their sense of independence, expand their social circle and keep in touch with the people most important to their happiness and wellbeing.

Check in with a senior resident remotely in between carer visits and brighten up their day by encouraging family to connect with a video call or photo. Improve the quality of the care you provide by making sure they see important messages, such as pill reminders or details of medical appointments.

By providing Komp to residents, you open an opportunity for seniors to receive GP or nursing visits remotely, in the comfort of their own surroundings.

Connect with seniors

Link to multiple devices from one app.

Diary management

Remote GP appointments and medication alerts.

Improve quality of care

More frequent interactions with family, friends and carers.

Age friendly

Intuitive to use. One button turns the device on and off – no digital skills required.

We have been so much happier since getting a Komp for my mum in the care home, all her family and friends can connect to her at a touch, see her, talk to her, so easy to use as she does not have to do a thing.

– Carolyn, Komp app user

Key features for private residential care providers

Auto-answer allows residents to receive calls without a carer’s help.

Messages, photos & video calls are clearly displayed on a large screen.

A simple clock for day and night orientation.

Privacy is protected and guaranteed.

Telehealth equipment built to last.

"This is a must have if you have an elderly relative. My grandmother is happier and feels closer to the family. I also feel she remembers much more, peoples names, and events. She watches the screen all the time. Amazing, amazing, amazing."

– Apple App Store Review

Telehealth equipment designed with the elderly in mind. Komp is the only Assistive Technology device with a 21” inch screen, for easy to see, high quality picture, clear sound and in-built microphone.

Supporting the health and wellbeing of elderly residents

Organise and deliver high quality, personalised care through medication reminders, calendar events, online doctor appointments and improve daily lives through easy access to family and friends. Komp is suitable for a wide range of residents with different needs – for those with mobility issues or confusion, it requires no navigation once switched on. The simple clock with day and night settings can help those living with dementia to orientate their day.

Empowering seniors to live independently in residential care or at home

Komp’s interface is intuitive and easy to access, requiring zero digital skills training for elderly individuals. Residents can receive messages, photos and video calls from their loved ones without the help of a carer, helping them to maintain a sense of independence and saving time for busy staff.

Just to reiterate just how helpful the company has been… I know I can email them or ring them with any queries anytime, and they've been really, really responsive.

– NHS Clinician

Plug and play assistive technology for seniors

We will help you set up Komp and will guide you and your team through the Komp app. It takes minutes to install and so far, all our customers have found it easy to use. The Komp Pro platform requires just 20 minutes training time for health and social care staff, to understand its multi-user management features. We promise to provide hassle free support, when and if you need it.

Komp can be tailored to meet the needs of your organisation. Our pilot scheme allows care homes to see how Komp technology can help staff deliver personalised care plans, organise diaries and improve daily lives through easy access to family and friends.

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