Komp for healthcare

Assistive technology that helps healthcare organisations reduce loneliness and digitise services

Remote healthcare at home for seniors

Healthcare providers including NHS Trusts, clinics and home-care providers can improve the quality of care for seniors and other digitally excluded adults in the local community. Easy, remote access means you can check-in with elderly patients or residents more frequently, manage their medication, set reminders, and support multiple individuals from one Komp account.

Unlocking remote healthcare access for elderly people

Komp can be used as part of an integrated care framework, enabling healthcare professionals to deliver healthcare at home efficiently and affordably.

Connect with seniors

Link to multiple devices from one app.

Set medication reminders

Remind elderly to take a pill or expect a call from a health or social care team member.

Provide peace of mind to families

Families can see all activities and connections their relative is involved with.

Support digital inclusion

Easy to use, connects anywhere with WiFi or 4G – Komp can mean seniors no longer feel excluded.

Reduce loneliness and isolation

Komp can be used as part of an integrated care framework, to support better health outcomes, by enabling people to live more independently.

Social prescribing of assistive devices can help to reduce loneliness and isolation and lead to a range of positive health and wellbeing outcomes. Studies have pointed to improvements in quality of life and emotional wellbeing, mental and general wellbeing, and a reduction in levels of depression and anxiety.

Komp enabled us to provide a rapid and easy means for service users to easily join a video consultation and receive care from within their own home.

– Associate Director of IM&T Transformation, Midlands Partnership NHS Foundation Trust

Key features for healthcare and social care providers

Messages, reminders, video calls and shared photos are clearly displayed on a large 21-inch screen that seniors can clearly see and engage with.

A simple clock for day and night orientation.

Auto-connect calls: One way calling into Komp allows you to drop-in without the need for the senior to take an action.

Set activities and reminders in advance. Support peace of mind for family members, who know this is all taken care of.

Safe and secure patient facing technology

Komp is a closed social network for healthcare and social care providers and family members only. Designed with the safety of vulnerable users in mind, only trusted contacts can make calls to a Komp assistive device, and all contacts and messages can be controlled through the app. End-to-end encryption protects your privacy and user data will never be shared or used for anything besides billing and support. Organisation data is controlled through a portal and kept separate from family data. Komp is GDPR compliant and ORCHA approved.

Want to know the specific details on Komp privacy? Click here

Quick and easy installation

We will help you set up Komp and will guide you and your team through the Komp app. It takes minutes to install and so far, all our customers have found it easy to use. We promise to provide hassle free support, when and if you need it.

Komp can be tailored to meet the needs of your organisation. Our pilot scheme allows healthcare and social care providers, such as NHS Trusts, to measure improvements to the health and wellbeing of people in hospital and in their own homes.

Just to reiterate just how helpful the company has been… I know I can email them or ring them with any queries anytime, and they've been really, really responsive.

– NHS Clinician

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