Orkney Islands Council

Using Komp to support technology enabled care.

About the organisation

Voluntary Action Orkney (VAO) is a charity that aims to foster sustainability, resilience and inclusivity within the community of Orkney, Scotland. VAO is working in partnership with Orkney Islands Council to improve access to technology enabled care in the community.

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Why did they choose Komp?

VAO were looking for technology that could help people aged 65+ to access health services and remain connected to their family and friends. They chose Komp because it is specifically designed to be accessible for older people who may not have any digital skills or be confident using technology.

[Komp] has proven to be extremely effective at reducing social isolation and bringing great benefits to many of those who have tried it and their family members.

- VAO Pathfinders Report

How are they using Komp?

VAO have been using Komp as part of their Tech Peer Mentor Project, which aims to improve access to technology that supports health, wellbeing and care in Orkney.

Komp was initially introduced on a trial basis, given to those within the Orkney community who could benefit from being digitally connected to health services. The trial was hugely successful, with participants spreading the word about the benefits of Komp and encouraging others to get in touch with the project.

Following the positive outcome of the VAO project, Orkney Islands Council have started using Komp within their adult services to support people with learning disabilities in an assisted living setting to connect with their families, enhance independence and improve wellbeing.

What difference has Komp made?

The project has received overwhelmingly positive feedback from both Komp users and their families. Participants reported that Komp helped to achieve:

Greater independence

Improved communication

Better access to services

Enhanced wellbeing through having the opportunity to pursue personal interests

The parents absolutely love the Komp…they both love watching the photos…Mum doesn’t remember each day that it’s there but we have uploaded old photos of her dad and she is delighted every day when she sees them and she says ‘There’s dad’! Their daughter video calls them from America and it works really well, no problems. It works much better than the iPad which they were getting really anxious about and had stopped using it because it was so difficult for them…

- Daughter of Komp user

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