NHS Western Isles

Using Komp to deliver social prescribing services in remote regions.

About the organisation

NHS Western Isles is responsible for delivering healthcare to the outer Hebrides, a remote group of islands on the western coast of Scotland. The region has a higher than average elderly population, with 1 in 4 residents over the age of 65.

In partnership with mPower, NHS Western Isles delivered a social prescribing project between 2019-2022, focused on tackling social isolation and health inequalities across the islands. The project aimed to connect people to local activities and services which support health and wellbeing.

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Why did they choose Komp?

Loneliness and isolation represent a significant social and economic burden, increasing both health risks and NHS costs. NHS Western Isles were looking for a technology solution to deliver social prescribing services remotely and reduce digital inequalities.

They chose Komp because of the simplicity of the device, and its ability to connect to 4G in areas with poor Wi-Fi.

The experience of the mPower team with Komp has been very positive – and a number of people who we have loaned a Komp too have gone on to purchase/rent their own. Komp continues to be a valued contribution to our digital options.

- mPower project lead- Western Isles

How are they using Komp?

NHS Western Isles is using Komp to re-connect lonely residents with their friends, family and care networks. The devices were prescribed to residents who were identified as lonely and digitally excluded as part of their ‘personalised wellbeing plans’.

Komp has been used in both private homes and within hospice and nursing home settings. No Isolation provided support to each individual service using Komp and held regular support meetings with the social prescribing team.

The social prescribing service has set up community hubs to distribute and support the use of Komp devices across the Islands.

What difference has Komp made?

NHS Western Isles reported that Komp has helped to:

Reduce social isolation

Tackle health inequalities

Reduce the digital divide, particularly in elderly and isolated populations

Reduce anxiety

Reconnect residents to loved ones

I would recommend the device 10/10!

- Team member at NHS Western Isles

Highly recommend the device 11/10.

- Team member at NHS Western Isles

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