East Riding of Yorkshire Council

Using Komp to tackle digital exclusion and re-connect families

About the organisation

East Riding of Yorkshire Council is a rural local authority area in Northern England with a low population density. The county has a higher than average older population and lower than average younger population compared to the rest of England. Younger residents often leave the county for work, leaving older people isolated from their families. As a result of these factors, the county has a high risk of digital exclusion and loneliness.

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Why did they choose Komp?

The Council recognised the need to provide a communication option for older people in the community who are facing social isolation. They chose Komp because of its accessibility and ease of use.

I constantly hear about the challenges impacting health and social care services. Personally seeing the benefits, improvements and life-changing outcomes that the very simple-to-install and easy-to-use Komp has demonstrated, has been very reassuring.

- Phil Woolhead, Lifeline Technology Officer, East Riding of Yorkshire Council

How are they using Komp?

East Riding of Yorkshire Council has been using Komp within its lifeline technology department to tackle isolation and digital exclusion. They are loaning out Komp devices to residents so they can connect with their families, engage with health and social care services remotely and remain independent at home for longer.

What difference has Komp made?

Komp has helped elderly people in the community to re-connect with their loved ones. There were many success stories from the project.

For example, Komp has made a significant difference to the life of one Komp user whose family live far away. She now receives regular calls from six family members and a carer and is about to connect more family abroad. The daughter reported that it’s a huge reassurance to be able to call her mum whilst she is at work, check on her wellbeing, and prompt her to wear her lifeline pendant.

Without having the Komp to support her in these ways, her mum would have gone into permanent residential care.

- Phil Woolhead, Lifeline Technology Officer, East Riding of Yorkshire Council

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