Angus Council

Using Komp to reduce social isolation amongst elderly people in rural areas

About the organisation

Angus Council is a rural and sparsely populated local authority area in the East of Scotland. The region includes both coastal and mountainous areas and has a higher than average elderly population that is expected to rise in the coming years.

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Why did they choose Komp?

With increasing travel costs and a growing digital divide between old and young members of the community, Angus Council was looking for a solution to improve social connectivity for its elderly residents. They chose Komp because of its age-friendly design and ability to reduce social isolation.

Komp is a great tool as there is nothing else like it out there. It is perfect the way it is. The features and capabilities of the device are great, it’s good to keep it simple.

- Glenda Hunter, Technology Enabled Care Development Officer, Angus Council

How are they using Komp?

In July 2020, Angus Council commenced a two-month pilot trialling out Komp devices to elderly members of the community to re-connect residents to their loved ones and social care networks.

Following successful partnership work, in January 2022 the council expanded their Komp project to include a fleet of Komp devices that can be used across the locality.

What difference has Komp made?

As a result of the pilot, Angus Council reported that Komp has helped to:

Reduce social isolation and loneliness

Increase sense of belonging in the community

Reduce anxiety

Improve wellbeing

Martha’s Story

Living independently in Forfar, Martha, 91, suffers from severe anxiety which meant she would make many calls a day to her GP, local ambulance and responder service when not required. Given that her family live far away, local carers support her daily needs.

The Komp device was placed in Martha’s home. She received calls, photos and messages from her children, grandchildren and siblings. The impact on her wellbeing and sense of belonging was immediate.

The device opened up her [the user’s] world.

- Glenda Hunter, Technology Enabled Care Development Officer, Angus Council

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