Komp for organisations

Age-friendly assistive technology that enables elderly people to connect with those most important to their health and wellbeing.

Let’s work together to reduce loneliness and isolation in older people

Komp helps care organisations and family members to connect with elderly residents and relatives. Frequent video calls and messages can be made through Komp’s simple and easy to use design that is intuitive to operate for seniors.

Komp is an assistive technology that can remind elderly individuals to take their medication, receive an important health check or enjoy a vital visit from family or friends.

Helping seniors live independent lives for longer

Komp for healthcare

Support older people to live independently for longer with more frequent visits and lower travel costs.

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Komp for local authorities

Enable digital inclusivity and community connections for seniors.

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Komp for private residential care

Deliver efficient, high quality homecare for elderly individuals.

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Komp can be used by many other types of organisations, get in touch to learn more.

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Success stories

Komp is used by local authorities, NHS trusts and charities.

Komp – intuitive interaction – designed for people aged 80+

Komp is a one-way gateway that allows family, friends, and care providers to communicate effectively with their elderly relative or resident. Komp helps reduce loneliness and isolation for thousands of elderly people. It is used in many elderly care organisations, including hospitals, local authorities and private care homes looking for assistive technology which is accessible and supports digital inclusion.

Komp is easier to use than any tablet or smartphone, with no digital skills or training required and therefore no headaches or stress for the Komp user. You (the organisation or family member) are in the driving seat.

Get important messages and medication reminders done in minutes and factor in more quality time to brighten up someone’s day. Instigate more conversations, smiles and social interactions. Provide high quality health and social care that helps older people live happy, independent lives for longer.

Komp features and benefits

Intuitive interaction for seniors. No digital skills or training required.

Excellent screen size to support those with poor vision.

WiFi or 4G connectivity.

Doctor appointment reminders.

Pill reminders and medication alerts.

Privacy is protected and guaranteed.

Enables digital inclusion for people aged 80+.

Reduce loneliness and isolation.

More frequent healthcare and social care visits.

5 year tech duration.

The Komp device enabled us to provide a rapid and easy means for service users to easily join a video consultation and receive care from within their own home that otherwise wouldn’t have the access or the ability to join a video consultation through phone/tablet/computer.

– Martyn Perry, Associate Director of IM&T Transformation

Komp has proven to be extremely effective at reducing social isolation and bringing great benefits to many of those who have tried it and their family members.

– VAO pathfinders report

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