Key features of Komp

Komp is specifically developed for those who find modern technology difficult.

  • Komp is a one-button computer (on/off/volume) connected to an app on the family's mobile devices.
  • The family can make to-way video calls, send pictures, and messages that automatically rotate on the screen.
  • Video calls are answered automatically after 10 seconds. If you don't want to answer, you can simply turn off Komp.
  • Komp has no touch screen, usernames, passwords, complex menus, or error messages to deal with.
  • Komp features a large screen, good contrast, and clear sound.
  • Komp plugs directly into the wall and doesn't require charging. It can connect to Wi-Fi or the internet through built-in 4G.
  • Komp can be wall-mounted or placed on a table or shelf.
  • You cannot make outgoing calls from Komp. When we developed Komp, we received feedback from users that this feature made the product complicated, and we listened to that feedback. Komp has minimal functionality on the screen itself. The most important aspect of Komp is that those who use it feel a sense of mastery.