User-friendly and secure technology for photo sharing, text messaging, and video calls.

Technology can be complicated. Contact between family members should be easy.

With video calls and photo sharing from friends and family, Komp makes it easy for seniors to stay involved in the everyday life of their families.

Behind the user-friendly design, you'll find a computer with only one button, which is connected to an app on the user's friends' and family's phones.

Refurbished Komps

We have a limited amount of refurbished Komps for sale at £399. They are thoroughly cleaned, and any broken parts are replaced.

A monthly subscription of £19 is required, and covers unlimited 4G, customer support, server costs and more. The first three months are free.

The offer is only available in the UK.

Simple and secure

Usernames, passwords, email account logins, software updates, cookies, and advertisements, there's a lot that is complicated with modern technology.

Komp makes it easy to be online. It is virtually impossible to make mistakes, and it is a secure solution that only invited individuals have access to.

Key features

  • Komp has no touch screen, usernames, passwords, cumbersome menus, or error messages to deal with.
  • Komp has a large screen, good contrast, and clear sound.
  • Komp plugs directly into the wall and doesn't need to be charged. It can be connected to either WiFi or the internet through built-in 4G.
  • Komp can be mounted on the wall or placed on a table or shelf.
  • Video calls are answered automatically after 10 seconds. If you don't want to answer, you can simply turn off Komp.
  • You cannot make outgoing calls from Komp. When we developed Komp, we received feedback from users that this feature made the product complicated, and we listened to that feedback. Komp has minimal functionality on the screen itself. The most important aspect of Komp is that those who use it feel a sense of mastery.

The computer has been absolutely fantastic for us. Grandma enjoys herself in front of it, looking at the pictures we send her, and she gets excited about new pictures that come in. Being able to make video calls has also brought great joy to Grandma and us. The computer was particularly indispensable during the worst lockdown, but for us grandchildren who live far away, it is still especially good to have. Highly recommended!

– Family member from Trustpilot

Komp makes it easy to stay in touch

Winnie uses her Komp to keep in touch with her family abroad and close to home in Scotland.

"I've felt it's been a big help and it changed my life"

The Komp app

To communicate with Komp, you need to download the Komp app. Through the app, you can easily send photos, messages, and have two-way video calls with Komp. It is also where you manage the device and invite family members and friends to join Komp.

This way, Komp users can focus on what matters most, participating in the everyday lives of their family and close friends.

What makes Komp special?

There are many products that offer the same features as Komp. For some, tablets and computers are viable alternatives, but for others, those products can be too advanced.

  • Komp is specifically designed for seniors with little experience with technology or who struggle with it due to cognitive or physical limitations.
  • Komp is stripped of unnecessary functionality and choices, with a focus on the social aspect.
  • Komp has no usernames, passwords, or automatic updates. All configuration, as well as customer support, is handled by the family through the app.
  • Komp does not have a touch screen. As we age, our fingertips change, and touch screens struggle to register keystrokes.
  • Only invited members have access to share content on Komp, ensuring complete protection against spam and enticing offers.
  • Furthermore, no user data associated with Komp is stored, and nothing is sold to advertisers or third parties.

Privacy and security

Komp is developed with privacy and security in focus, and it is a safe, closed social network for the whole family, with grandparents at the center.

Komp is designed to share the moment. The sender can choose how long the pictures will be displayed on Komp, and it is not possible to record video calls. The content is end-to-end encrypted, which means that only the Komp user and the user who initiated the call can see the video call. Only invited friends and family members can send content to Komp, and you have control over which users can invite others to the Komp network.

We have been so much happier since getting a Komp for my mum in the care home, all her family and friends can connect to her at a touch, see her, talk to her, so easy to use as she does not have to do a thing.

– Carolyn, Komp app user