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The one-button computer connecting generations

Human contact, love and close relationships are important for everyone, no matter their age or physical abilities. However, with smartphones and social media, social interaction and communication has largely moved from analogue to digital platforms. This often leaves technologically inexperienced and the elderly behind.

Komp is the one-button computer that bridges the communication gap between those that struggle to use modern day technology, and their more tech-savvy family and friends.

Explain Komp to your loved ones

We know Komp can be tricky to explain to the person getting it, they’re often skeptical of new technology, and don't necessarily see the point of something they’ve never used. That’s why we gathered useful information to help your family decide if Komp is the right solution.

This has to be the product of the year. You have solved a huge problem in the market with the simplicity of the total solution for people who don’t know tech at all. My mother has never used a mobile phone of any kind, iPad or computer. Now the problem is solved and we can chat every day. This really is a life saver.

– Komp app user from the App Store

Simple video calling device for elderly

To receive calls, no action is required from the user when Komp is turned on. Calls will be automatically answered after 10 seconds. If the recipient doesn't want to answer, Komp can be turned off. Photos and messages appear on screen when the device is turned on.

To send photos, messages and make video calls, you need to download the Komp app (iOS or Android). Once connected to Komp you can invite your friends and family to the app, see a feed of images they send and interact with the Komp user, making it a closed social network for the entire family. Read more about how to use the app here.

Komp is a user friendly product, it simply allows your friends and family to share photos of their day to day lives, send messages, reminders and make video calls.

Key features

  • No touch-screen, which older fingertips can often struggle with
  • No usernames, passwords or manual updates required
  • Large 21” inch screen, clear sound and in-built microphone
  • Plugs into the wall, no charging required, and connects to either WiFi or an in-built 4G sim
  • Stands on a surface or can be wall-mounted

Privacy and security

Komp is developed with privacy and security in mind, it is a safe, secure and closed social network for the whole family.

Only invited friends and family members can send content to Komp. And only the administrator (the person who initially set Komp up) can invite people to join.

Why would I need 4G?

If your relative does not have WiFi available, you can get our 4G subscription. The integrated SIM card will pick up the mobile network, just like your smartphone. You just plug it in, and it works! There has to be 4G reception in the area for it to work.

How much does it cost?

Our 4G subscription costs £19 per month for unlimited data. The first month is free.

I've purchased/rented Komp without 4G. Can I have it at a later stage?

Yes, you can start and cancel a subscription at any moment. There is no notice period. Please contact support@noisolation, mentioning the serial number of your Komp and we can activate the SIM card immediately.

How does it work?

Every Komp comes standard with an integrated 4G SIM card, that is active during installation. If you have not ordered our 4G subscription, please make sure to add your WiFi network to Komp, as the SIM card will be disabled after onboarding. If you have ordered our 4G subscription, you don’t need to do anything, the SIM card will be active. It is always possible to activate or cancel your 4G subscription at a later stage.

How can I get the 4G?

When you order, please tick the “4G sim” box in the checkout page. Your Komp will arrive with an activated SIM card, and you don’t need to do anything else. It is also possible to activate the SIM card at a later stage. If you want to activate your SIM card at a later stage, please contact support@noisolation.com.

How do I pay for it?

When you order your Komp you have to pay with a card. This card will be charged automatically on a monthly basis. The first month will be free.

Can I use a different SIM card

It is not possible to use your own SIM card in Komp. It is also not possible to insert the Komp SIM card into a different device, if this is done the SIM card will be blocked.

Cancel policy for 4g / contract length

You can cancel 4G at any moment, there is no minimum period.

We have been so much happier since getting a Komp for my mum in the care home, all her family and friends can connect to her at a touch, see her, talk to her, so easy to use as she does not have to do a thing.

– Carolyn, Komp app user