All the lonely people | Karen Dolva | TEDxArendal

Karen Dolva is the CEO and co-founder of No Isolation. Her background is in UX/interaction design and informatics and she has previously co-founded the consultancy company UX Lab. In 2018 she won EU’s ‘Rising Women Innovator Prize’ and Forbes named her as one of the world’s top 50 women in tech.

She has taken No Isolation to 44 employees, built AV1, the telepresence robot for children with long-term illness, and KOMP, the one-button screen for seniors.

No Isolation’s goal is to help as many people as possible out of social isolation and loneliness by making warm technology available for those who can not just use generic solutions to stay connected. Dolva speaks about her own experience with loneliness, and the issue of loneliness as a whole.