Rasmus tests AV1 with the help of the Swedish Childhood Cancer Foundation

AV1 has helped 12-year-old Rasmus, who is currently in treatment for cancer.

12-year-old Rasmus, who is currently in treatment for cancer, has been featured in Swedish media alongside his AV1. For over four weeks, AV1 has helped him to attend classes whilst also undergoing treatment.

In the beginning of my treatment it was great to use AV1. Nowadays, I start to feel better, so I can attend more and more classes in person.

Rasmus tells the Swedish national public TV broadcaster, SVT, and laughs.
Rasmus Sin Av1 2
Photo: Swedish Childhood Cancer Foundation

Rasmus has personalised his AV1 by gluing on eyebrows, a handlebar moustache, a mouth, and a goatee. Through it, he participates in both the social and academic activities at school.

I think it has been absolutely great. AV1 offers a superb way for Rasmus to stay updated on what is happening at school, on a social level as well as an educational level.

Rasmus’s mother tells SVT.

Rasmus’s classmates thought it was a little strange when a tiny white robot suddenly showed up in Rasmus’s place.

It felt a bit strange. Suddenly there was a robot here. I was like, what the heck is that? But because of AV1 Rasmus is still here with us, even though he is not physically in school.

Explains one of Rasmus’s classmates to SVT.

Rasmus’s robot is financed through a pilot study held by the Swedish Childhood Cancer Foundation, Barncancerfonden. If the pilot results are positive, which has been so far, the foundation will hand out 50 robots to children and youth with cancer. In the long run, they plan to place 200 robots in Swedish schools.

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