Easy Video Calling for Seniors with KOMP

Written by: No Isolation

Last updated: June 5, 2020

Loneliness is something few talk about, but many experience. This is especially true for seniors. As we age, our physical capabilities change, which often makes it difficult to use many of the modern communication tools and services that are available today.

The truth is that innovative products for seniors aren’t necessarily prioritised by other companies and programmers, forcing this user group to utilise devices or software that really isn’t optimal for video calling and communication. This makes it difficult to for the seniors to keep in touch with friends and family because that device isn’t specifically designed with their potential challenges in mind.

KOMP offers easy video calling for seniors because it's one of only three features. Designed with close dialogue with the user group, the physical and cognitive needs of seniors have been accounted for in the design of KOMP to facilitate the most important aspect of all: simple communication with family, friends, and loved ones across all generations.

Is KOMP the Best Way to Skype with the Elderly?

Actually, KOMP is a much better alternative for the elderly than Skype. The reality is that as far as video calling for seniors go, Skype can be very confusing to use. This is because of two main factors: (1) the tablet/computer required to run the program and (2) the Skype program itself.

If the senior isn’t used to operating a computer or tablet, learning new technology could result in a negative experience – whether on a touchscreen or with a mouse and keyboard. This is a significant factor because if the equipment isn’t easy for the senior to use, then the likelihood that they’ll actually use Skype is very minimal. This means that simple video calling for the senior will not be a realistic option.

The other issue is Skype itself. It’s not an optimal choice for video calling for the elderly. Assuming that the senior is able to navigate the device and open Skype. There are numerous obstacles they’ll then have to traverse. Things like remembering passwords, understanding the interface, and knowing which buttons to press, present obstacles if the senior isn’t ready or familiar with the program.

In addition, if video calling for seniors is the only intended use of Skype, events like inevitable error messages, update installations, and password recovery, only serve to make video calling and communication even more difficult. It’s something that many young people take for granted as being simple, but for inexperienced seniors, these can be large obstacles and can often have the opposite effect if one is trying to promote communication and prevent social isolation.

As an innovative product for seniors, KOMP features only one button and no complicated interface to navigate. The goal of KOMP is simply to allow for easy video calling for the elderly without impediment or complication.

How Well Does KOMP work vs. iPads for the Elderly?

KOMP is specifically positioned to be more effective than an iPad for simple senior video calling. Tablets and iPads for seniors can seem like good communication tools. However, there are both nuances and major issues that most people don’t account for when seeking out appropriate technology for seniors. For one thing, tablets and iPads won’t always work for seniors because touch screens can often be difficult to use. Whether they’re dealing with dry fingertips or a reduction in fine motor skills, a touch screen will prevent seniors from feeling comfortable with video calling.

Tablets and iPads for seniors also aren’t optimal because these devices are multi-use and multi-functional; obviously very helpful for many people. However, as technology for seniors, a multi-use device like an iPad or a tablet presents the senior with software options that can be too advanced and not relevant for video calling. As a result, this can cause an experience that’s unfamiliar and potentially overwhelming for them, which will just make the effects of senior social isolation worse.

So what’s the best tablet for the elderly? The answer is no tablet at all. KOMP is a stripped down device that serves one, bigger purpose: simple communication for seniors. KOMP is technology for seniors that want to communicate with their friends and loved ones without feeling overwhelmed or intimidated by devices and software that’s unfamiliar.

KOMP is Communication Technology for Seniors Made Easy

Statistically, 21% of seniors over 75 years old within the EU communicate with friends, family, and loved ones only once a month – sometimes less than that. One of the reasons for this is that there are no practical video calling technology specifically designed for seniors. KOMP is designed to make sure that communication between every generation in the family is simple and easy.

Visit the KOMP page to learn more about how we make video calling for seniors simple and straightforward.